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    SelfUpdate Error

    Hi guys I am a new player who have just install the game and autopatched it to version 68 [It is the latest version]. But I am having an error message after hitting the game start button.

    The error message is from AutoUpdatePlus, [Have Not Search For SelfUpdate.exe File].

    So far I have download the installation file from 2 different links from the main website and install it twice but got the same error message.

    Can someone please assist me in rectifying the issue.


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    Hello precia, welcome to SEAL Online! You can try downloading the manual patch here: LINK.
    If this doesn't solve the problem please contact us at http://ynkinteractive.com/support

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    to day the version is 93 sign
    about 5 hours ago the game was played well but now i can't play it because of the [Have Not Search For SelfUpdate.exe File] sign.
    so help me plzzz

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    Hello , my name is raed
    You must reinstall seal online and make sure you run it from the autoupdate file in the main folder, and check that the SO3D file is exist and then it will works .
    And (tata) there’s no error

    Good luck

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    Hola recien acao de instalar el juego ya me registre todo eso pero cuando entro a poner mi ID i contraseña salen 2 cuadros uno dice NOT INVALID HTTP ADDRESS y el 2do CONECTARSE FALLS buscar ID/password... ¿osea que las 7 horas de descarga fue por las puras ?..Gracias espero una respuesta

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