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    Do It With a Giant Sword (A Warrior’s Guide)

    Nothing like staring down the slick, gleaming edge of a well-sharpened weapon~

    So you wanna be a warrior, eh? We ain’t gonna be using toothpicks or knives. I’m gonna teach you how to swing that Great Sword one handed and smack things around like it’s no one’s business~

    Selling Points: Reasons To Use a Giant Sword

    - Simplicity: Warriors are a pretty simple and straight forward class. We don’t have certain difficult choices to make like other classes.
    - In Your Face: We’re ST (Single Target) melee fighters. We get into the nitty-gritty and go “up-close and personal”~ If you like simple, “beat’em up” melee, you’re in the right place~
    - Thrifty: We can get by with simple EQ and still do our jobs well~
    - Flexible: If built right, warriors can hang with a team or go solo at any time~
    - Giant Sword: You get to use a giant sword... what more do you want~?!

    For the purposes of bringing out the full potential of your warrior, regardless of build, various sections of this Guide will be using the following rating system:
    Red: Just don’t… not worth it~
    Purple: Ok, but you could do worse~
    Blue: Very good choice~
    Sky Blue: Almost the best available~
    Gold: Don’t ask questions, just take it~

    Check out the Warrior page on the wiki for more details.

    Props to:
    Those who provided info~
    Everyone reading/posting~ ..v.(^^)

    Warrior Status Array: Preparing to Use That Giant Sword

    Regardless of your build, as a warrior you only need to follow the simple array of stats at every level up, 2 STR : 1 AGI You don’t need anything else~ so dun add anything else~ For every point of STR, you'll get 1 'damage'. Keep it high~
    Stick with this till around 90 AGI then just add STR. If you want to solo/hunt later on, feel free to add more AGI at your own leisure, but by this time you’ll be with large parties and will always have buffs. For every pt of AGI, you get 1 point of accuracy; for every 2-3 points, you get 1 crit. Great for solo builds~
    VIT is not so necessary at first, but again if you want to solo bosses or train in higher level maps early on, 20 VIT is probably enough to keep you alive well enough. Warriors get a whopping 60 HP per point of VIT.
    Once you get to your 2nd Job, that’s a different story. We’ll get to that later~
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    Warrior Skills: Channeling Through That Giant Sword

    Close your eyes... Feel the power through your sword... breath in... and SMASH~! ... YOU MISSED~ DO IT AGAIN~!

    The following are general non-attacking skills that all warriors may take. Which you choose is up to you, but bear in mind that some are more necessary than others... choose wisely~
    But it's natural that you dunno what's the right ones to choose... That's where I come in~ So listen up~

    ALL warriors, and that means YOU, should be sure to level Enrage (available at level 35) every chance possible (level 35, 50, etc); ability to deal more damage is key to a warrior.

    Intimidation : (available at level 15) You swing your sword around and 'scare' a mob in it's tracks for a short period of time~ Though it's needed as a prerequisite for Enrage (Only get to level 3~!), it's kind of a pointless skill~ Might as well just beat it over the head instead of 'dancing' in front of it... unless you want to 'run away'~ but we don't run away~ Useless in PVP...

    Acceleration: (available at level 50) Walking speed buff. Not important, but it'll save you traveling time later on... Unless you have a cart, then it's only helpful for getting you from mob to mob faster~

    The other general warrior skills available are pretty useless. The AoE skills do pathetic damage, Party Enrage only works for guild clans and only seems to last a short time, and we've already been through the ' AoE dancing part', we just don't do that~ don't waste your SP~

    Combat Styles: How to Use That Giant Sword

    As a warrior, you have two distinct combat styles you can prioritize on, you can be either a Combo Warrior or Slasher Warrior. You can also go hybrid for more mileage on your warrior.

    Combo Warriors
    As a Combo warrior, you engage your foes with combo attacks using different combinations of the A S D keys. Though difficult at first, with enough practice you will become a combo master~!
    Your 'combo bar' is the 3rd 'empty' bar located under your blue AP bar. As you attack and 'hit' your target, it begins to fill up. Once it's flashing red (at 1/2 way), you are able to use a combo attack. A full bar allows you two combo attacks.
    You can use sword combos from level 1, but you will need to level up your Great Sword Combo 1 skill to use longer combos.

    Common combos (Rating system will apply)

    3 hit (level 1)
    A S (AS)
    S D (SD)

    4 hit (level 2)
    D S A (AD)

    7 hit (level 4)
    A S A A A A S (Justice Shall Prevail!!) very quick and powerful
    A S D A S D (SD) (Justice Shall Prevail!!) weaker, but quick and fills combo bar faster
    D S A D S A D (Simpleton! Ignorant Fool!!) slower, but powerful

    12 hit (level 5/max)
    S D D A A S S D D A S (SD) (Loyalty to the King!!) slower, but longest and strongest GSC1 combo

    -The following can be preformed after learning-
    -Great Sword Combo 2 (available at level 70)-

    15 hit (level 1)
    A S D A S D A S D A S D A S D (Self-Congratulations!!) good for quick combos and filling up the combo bar until you get the 20 hit

    20 hit (level 5/max)
    D S A S D S A S D S A S D S A S D D D D (Sky…!! Earth…!! Finger…!!) longest, strongest combo… if you complete it, the combo bar fills again for more combo action!!

    NOTE: There are other GSC2 combos available, but they aren’t really worth mentioning~ but you’re still interested check out the Combo page on the wiki.

    Concentration: (available at level 10) Refills your combo bar faster as you execute combo attacks.
    Combo Training: (req - the Book of Elim: Combo Training) (available at level 90) A chance to increase your crit damage... also known as 'Purple Crits'~ 40% damage increase at level 5/max~ Brutal~

    Combo Warrior Skill Tree
    Max Great Sword Combo
    Max Concentration
    Level 3 Intimidation (pre-req. for Enrage)
    Max Enrage
    Max Great Sword Combo 2
    Max Combo Training
    Max Acceleration

    (HINT) To execute a combo while attacking, press the A, S or D key when your sword hits the target and you will hit it again. Also, if you have the ‘COMBO EFFECT’ turned ‘on’, a large wave will show on your screen indicating that you succeeded. Continue the key combination until your warrior shouts a battle cry and you will have completed the combo (E.g. Justice Shall Prevail!!). Training rabbits in town are great for practicing combos~!
    (HINT) Be aware of the swinging speed of your sword and how fast your warrior attacks. If you have the sound on, when you hear the attack, press the next key in the combo. With enough practice, this will allow you to even combo while not looking at the screen!!
    (HINT) While combo’ing, you cannot use potions while you are hitting or your combo ends. To remedy this, you need to drink potions between your combo hits. To do this either:
    1) Use the mouse to click your pots from your item menu/quick bar
    2) Quickly push the potion buttons after you push the combo button (this takes practice ><). It helps to have your 'HP potion quick buttons' at either F1-F4 or 1-4. Fish or other HP potions are a good alternative for the other 'quick buttons'.
    (HINT) Advanced combo skill - CHAIN COMBO: When you are surrounded by multiple mobs within melee range and you execute a combo attack (e.g. 20 hit) on one of them, and still have more hits available right before you kill it, click on another mob next to you. The first mob should be dead and you'll be continuing your remaining combo hits on the next mob. If that one's dead and you still have combo hits, rinse and repeat~ This can be a great way to train (commonly known as 'mobbing') as you don't need to start up a new combo attack and you use your 'stronger' hits on the next mob. Thus killing faster... thus training faster~
    (HINT) You can also learn slash skills if you want. Be sure you have the SP to cover your combo skills.

    Slasher Warriors
    As a Slasher Warrior, you use your warrior power to slash your foes with speedy high damage attacks. It takes less immediate attention than fighting with combos.

    Quick Slash: (available at level 10) slash out once and leap back (pinball o.0?) Good for the beginning (Only get to level 3!!)
    Double Slash: (available at level 23) slash twice (great during Deadly Slash Cool Down)
    Deadly Slash: (available at level 50) slash multiple times (strong, but very long Cool Down -.-)

    Slasher Warrior Skill Tree
    Level 3 Concentration
    Level 3 Great Sword Combo
    Level 3 Quick Slash
    Level 3 Intimidation (pre-req. for Enrage)
    Max Enrage
    Max Double Slash
    Max Deadly Slash
    Max Acceleration

    (HINT) This is a very quick and deadly way to fight and train, but at a cost… Your slash skills cost AP, and to recharge that AP costs money… lots and lots of money over time… So be aware of your AP potion count!! And your cash~
    (HINT) Auto-Slash: At higher skills levels, the amount of slashes per cast of Double/Deadly Slash increases and you'll automatically slash again, starting from level 4 with 2 slashes for Double Slash and 3 slashes for Deadly Slash.
    (HINT) You can also learn combo skills if you want after. Be sure you have the SP to cover your slash skills.

    NOTE: Hybrid method: At around level 70 or so, you should have enough SP to start investing into the 'other attack skills' available. For power grinding, slashing until you’ve used up nearly all of your AP potions, then combo’ing until you’ve used up your HP potions will allow you faster and longer training without having to restock on potions so often.
    NOTE: Advanced Damage Tip - Elements: ALL warriors, again that means YOU, should prioritize on their ability to deal more damage. Many times that can be assisted with the use of ELEMENTAL weapons (see weapons section for recommended elements). Adding an element to your sword increase the damage you do to mobs that have the opposing elemental status (E.g. Light sword against Incubus [Darkness]). Provided the right element, all regular hits gain a 50% damage increase (great for combo crits) and skill attacks gain 20% a damage increase. FREE DAMAGE FTW~!
    NOTE: Once you hit level 150, you’ll have enough Skill Points to learn Enrage level 8, max all the Slashes (minus Quick Slash), max all the Combo Skills, and max Acceleration; in addition to prerequisites (level 3 Intimidation).
    NOTE: Also, when you change to your 2nd job, be sure at save 10 SP for Enrage levels 9 (level 155) and 10/max (level 170).
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    2nd Job: Becoming One With that Giant Sword

    Once you become lvl 150, you can take a series of exams and change your job to a Berserker (combo) or Swordmaster (slasher). You get a full stat/skill reset, so if you were combo before and want to try SM, and vice versa, go right ahead ^^

    As a zerk, you strike your enemies with pure brute force and rage. Your combo attacks stay the same, but they gain a significant increase in damage, your crits are devastating and you have the ever sweet permanent Evasion buff (Instinct); which gives you +100 evasion at level 5/max.

    Awakening: (available at level 150) Damage attack and Instant combo bar filler~ Useful at times, but only really needed as a prerequisite for Instinct~
    Dominate: (available at level 150) Damage attack and Decreases defense % of target~ 11% defense decrease at level 10/max~
    Instinct: (available at level 160) Permanently increases your Evasion rate~ +35 at level 1~ Extremely useful for 'mobbing' and solo'ing~
    WARNING: In PvP, this DOES NOT completely avoid 2nd class skills~ x.x
    (NOTE): If you die while training/hunting, and get 'revived', you will have lost this skill, just be sure to relog or go through a warp~ x.x If you return to town, you're fine~
    Combo Master: (available at level 170) Increases your 'Purple crit' damage~ 50% damage increase at level 5/max
    Retaliate: (available at level 170) Counter Attack~ In PvE, reflects 50% of damage inflicted on you at level 5/max~ Only 10% in PvP
    Radiant Attack: (req: Radiant Attack Scroll) (available at level 180) Increases your Crit rate~ 30% increase at level 5/max~

    Though your stat array should be based on your play style, but there are two basic builds.

    Lone Wolf STR/AGI
    This build focuses more on solo’ing and makes up for the lack of buffs with high AGI which increases your accuracy, and crit rate and prioritizing on max'ing out Instinct, for longer staying power. You'll want to have good EQ as well~ Great for hunting those special items~

    You’ll want to have at least 50-100 VIT for defense/HP purposes. Then 90-120 AGI depending on where you want to solo (you can solo G13 with 130 AGI at around level 20x). Then put the rest in to STR.

    Lone Wolf Skill Tree (order)
    Level 1 Awakening
    Max Instinct
    Max Combo Master
    Max Radiant Attack
    Max Dominate
    Max Retaliate
    Max Awakening

    This build focuses more on PVP/Raid purposes (though it only applies in Unison Server) or high level boss/map hunting, or for those that just like more defense/HP. Though solo'ing won't be your thing and that you won’t have as much accuracy and crit as the Lone Wolf build, by sticking with priests/apostles for buffs, you can level faster by having more damage and defense and focusing on your damage skills early on.

    From the get go, you’ll want at least 100-150 VIT, and the rest in to STR. If you want, increase your VIT to 200 as you lvl.

    Brute Skill tree (order)
    Level 1 Awakening
    Level 3 Instinct
    Max Combo Master
    Max Radiant Attack
    Max Instinct
    Max Dominate
    Max Retaliate
    Max Awakening

    As a swordmaster, you use the powers of blinding speed and instant high damage attacks to defeat your foes. Swordmasters are defined by their ability to disappear, pop up next to a target and instantly deal massive amounts of damage in a 'blazing laser-light-show' lasting only a few seconds, then 'zipping off' to the next poor unfortunate soul. They have amazing damage potential and are great for leveling because they kill very, very fast; at a cost of course... But since they rely on STR so much for their damage skills, they are not 'ideal' for solo’ing unless they sacrifice damage for accuracy.

    Charge : (available at level 150) Teleportation, Damage attack and Temporary Damage increase; +125 damage at level 5/max~
    Sword Dance: (available at level 150) Instant High Damage attack: A brutal 2500% at level 10/max~ Deadly~
    Torpedo Slash: (available at level 160) Double/Deadly Slash has a chance to Stun~
    Wind-break: (available at level 170) Self Aspd Buff; +24 aspd at level 10/max~ Speedy~
    Ghostly Slash: (available at level 170) Your combo attacks to one target becomes an AoE attack~
    Radiant Sword: {req: Radiant Sword Scroll} (available at level 180) Chance to increase the damage of Sword Dance~ +120 damage (has only 1 level)

    As zerks, SM's have 2 basic builds.

    Glass Cannon - Full STR
    As a full STR SM, you hand out damage like candy. Your aim is to charge a mob and kill it fast before it has a chance to hurt you too much. Though your defense is lacking, you can make up for it with high damage. The defense can be remedied with buffs and G/HP% opt'd EQ.

    Super ChargerSTR/VIT
    This build focuses more on PVP/Raids (again only applies in Unison Server) and high level boss/map hunting. You’re not as strong as a full STR SM, but you have more defense/HP to take more hurt.

    Similar to the Brute zerk build, you'll want at least 100-150 VIT from the start, put the rest in to STR. If you want, you can increase it to 200 VIT as you level.

    For both builds, the following is a decent way to go~

    Skill tree (order)
    Level 1 Charge
    Max Sword Dance
    Max Charge
    Max Wind-break
    Max Radiant Sword
    Max Torpedo Slash
    Max Ghostly Slash
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    Equipment: Tools to Go with Your Giant Sword

    Weapons: Choosing Your Giant Sword

    Ah~ That special moment when choosing that proper companion that will join you on your path to destruction~

    Technically speaking, Combo warriors should focus on weapons that have more crit and/or aspd, where as Slasher warriors should get weapons that have higher damage. But that depends on if you can get that special sword you want~
    Simply put, stick with NPC swords from 'Theo' in Armor/Weapon shop in town Lime till 6x, unless you have a good opt’d (damage/aspd/G) sword you want +6/7/8, add an element to or G. You should be getting newer weapons as you train, find the one that’s best for you~
    But because you’re still in training, I’mma gonna tells you what’s right~

    The last sword you can purchase from an NPC is the Radiant Great Sword (level 57); from the Gypsy Merchant at location G7 in Outer Wall of Lime. The rest can be obtained from mobs or purchased from other players. With the exception of a few noteworthy swords, the following are only swords that are available after lvl 59. (Rating system will apply, but only those with a blue rating or higher or other noteworthy swords) Regardless of the rating, if it’s better than what you have, use it~

    Dusk Great Sword: (level 50) It's the last NPC sword you can purchase from 'Theo' in Town Lime and it's a decent sword. But if you pass by a G'd one (dropped by Scorpys) in Clement Mines while hunting BT's... it'll do you well until level 7x if you don't run into any of the following swords~
    Recommended elements: None
    Crimson Bastard: (level 51) With a 30 base aspd, it’s the fastest sword in the game, if you can get a G’d one, it’ll take you all the way to level 8x-9x. +6/7/8 highly recommended.
    Recommended elements: Earth
    Durandal: (level 67) A fast sword with good stats. +6/7/8 recommended.
    Recommended elements: Earth, Light
    Prometheus: (level 73) Under-par sword at best when normal, but only mentioned due the possibility of getting a G’d one at Herkaus (Succubus), which can last you until level 100.
    Recommended elements: Earth, Light
    Great Tech Sword: (level 97) Good sword for Combo warriors, decent for Slashers.
    Recommended elements: Light, Earth, Water
    Taeguk Great Sword: (level 103) Better for Slashers, but still decent for Combo warriors.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Water, Earth
    Fishbone Blade: (level 113) Good sword that can last you a long time provided the right element.
    Recommended elements: Darkness, Earth
    Diabolus Great Sword: (level 125) Decent sword, but difficult to G.
    Recommended elements: Fire, Darkness
    Zweihander: (level 128) One of the best and most commonly used swords in the game, especially if you have one with great opts; +7/8/XG recommended.
    Recommended elements: Fire, Darkness, Light, None
    Chaos Sword: (level 155) Another great and commonly used sword. +7/8/XG recommended.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Wood, None
    Sword of Order: (level 159) A good sword, but not as common as the Chaos or Zweihander.
    Recommended elements: Light, Fire, Darkness,
    Sword Ghost’s Sword: (level 165; zerk only) The ‘zerk sword’… Great stats for zerks~ XG that baby~
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, None
    Sword of Radiance: (level 165; SM only) The ‘SM sword’…. Great stats and commonly used by SM’s~
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, None
    Galactic Warrior’s Falchion: (level 165) The "warrior’s equivalent" to the 2nd job swords. Same damage, but more aspd. It's a bit rare, but good if you're switching between classes and want more damage than a Zwei or Chaos.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Wood, None
    Great Sword of Tianlong: (level 182) The great dragon sword… You need to +9 it in order to G it, but still a very good sword.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None
    Royal Sword Death: (level 187; zerk only) The new addition to the 'zerk arsenal'. You need to +9 it and a G14 to G it, but it's a good sword~
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None
    Royal Sword: (level 187; SM only) The new addition to the 'SM arsenal'. You need to +9 it and a G14 to G it, but it's a good sword~ though it's a bit slower than Sword of Radiance~
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None
    Ancient Sword: (level 190) This sexy katana is a sweet looking sword, but by this time you'll likely have a G/DG sword and working towards XG; or already have... but it's still a sweet sword. A great choice if you have the cash to support XG'ing one.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None
    Golden Sword’s Sword: (level 200) The other 'giant zerk sword’. Good damage and a strong option if you’re not working towards XG weapons.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None
    Heartless Sword: (level 200) The big ‘SM sword’. Good damage and a strong option if you’re not working towards XG weapons.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None
    Warrior’s Fireball: (level 201) The strongest ‘Normal’ sword available. Darn difficult to XG, but perfect if you don’t want to invest into an XG sword.
    Recommended elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Wood, None

    For more details on swords, check out the Warrior Weapons page on the wiki.
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    Armor: What to Wear with That Giant Sword

    Stop complaining about what you’re going to wear and if you look good in it~!!! Just put it on and go~!

    Full Set
    Using a full armor set gives you an extra damage/defense/attack speed bonus including the base stats/options. Unless you really want or have nice opt’d stuff, until level 6x, just use the NPC items which can be purchased in town Lime, with the exception of Wind Suit (level 5x set) from the Gypsy Merchant at Outer Wall of Lime. As you train, armor pieces around your level may drop; possibly even a G piece. As with swords, if it's better than what you have, use it~

    Do to the limited availability of certain armor pieces in Seal Online: Eternal Destiny, getting full sets after level 6x can be difficult and costly, but some are well worth the investment. (Rating system will apply)

    Martial Set: (level 6x) Good enough until you get to level 100 if you +6/7 it. Provided you can find a bottom and headband, then it’s better.
    Warlord Set: (level 8x) Great set if you can get a full set. The top and headband are very difficult to find, but other pieces are easier. Easiest of the worthwhile armor sets to XG.
    Judgment Set: (level 10x) Good set if you can get the bottom (Lemony Q’s) and top (Hot Blooded Rock).
    No Limit Set: (level 13x) Most common armor set used by warriors. Decent defense, but the best base aspd of all warrior armor sets. Headband and bottom are rare and pricey. Difficult and costly to XG, but it’ll do you well~
    Crimsonite Set: (level 14x) Not so common, but it gets the job done. But still kinda meh~
    Aeon Set: (level 16x) Better defense than NL, but lower base aspd, so rarely used.
    Sword Ghost Set: (level 16x; zerk only) The ‘zerk set’… If you’re going zerk and have a ‘decent’ NL set, use this instead. The headband gives damage and the shoes give mspd.
    Radiance Set: (level 16x; SM only) The ‘SM set’… If you’re going SM and want more damage than the aspd NL provides, use this instead. Headband gives damage and the shoes give mspd.
    Shadowless Set: (level 18x) Good defense, but usually used as G’ing cata. Quite expense to G as well.
    Golden Sword Set: (level 20x) The other 'zerk set'~ Rare, but good defense and easier on the pocket than G’ing other sets.
    Heartless Set: (level 20x) The other 'SM set'~ Rare, but good defense and easier on the pocket than G’ing other sets.

    For more details on armor stats, check out the Warrior’s Armor page on the wiki.

    Non Full Set
    No it's not 'dress up time'~!!
    The following are the 'mix and match' options should you choose to do so~ However, you should still focus on keeping your Top and Bottom armor pieces upgraded when needed.

    i) Bat Guy Mask

    As all know BGM is great for extra damage and aspd and very easy to G. Great if you can get one with 6+ aspd ^^ Even better if you can get def/hp opts with that. Just make sure the rest of your EQ is good enough as well to support it.
    And if you’re having trouble with full sets, having a decent opt'd BGM as a back up is a good idea~

    ii) Yellow Ribbon
    Though it's an eyesore on the dudes (you ladies will love it), Yellow Ribbon is the ONLY headgear in the game that offers both damage and defense increase % when G'd. If you can get one, use it~

    iii) Shoes
    If you have a good opt’d BGM, it’s worth getting a good pair of shoes you can keep for a while.
    Militia Shoes: (level 26; 10 base aspd) If you can find ones with aspd and hp%, it’ll keep you going till you find something better.
    Moon Boots: (level 30; 10 base aspd, 12 mspd) Another pair of 'if you can get good opts, use them' shoes. Easy to acquire (Skilled Mage Piyas).
    School Shoes: (level 31, 12 base aspd) Just toss it in with the other ones. If you can get a pair.
    Maid shoes: (level 46, 14 base aspd) Great shoes, if you can get good opts. But a bit rare.
    Scuba Fins: (level 92; 15 base aspd, 12 base mspd) Good shoes, better if you can get ones with aspd opts.
    Judgement Shoes: (level 98, 10 base aspd) Better if you have good opts. But you might as well use fins if you have them.
    Free Spirit Shoes: (level 118: 15 base aspd) Not so common, but if you're not going full set and need better pair of shoes, they will do you well~ that is until you get a pair of...
    Shoes of No Limit: (level 129; 15 base aspd) Best warrior shoes available. If your find ones with good opts, you’re nearly set for life~ Use them, unless you’re using another set.
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    Accessories: What Else To Wear With That Giant Sword

    Ah~ the timeless debate… *smack* put that necklace down~!
    The debate over wings vs tails vs gloves… what to use…? It all depends on what you like more; speed, defense, or damage. And that will always change as time goes by…
    *smack* I SAID PUT IT DOWN~!

    Based on my 'personal training experiences':
    When you start out, use Dumbknuckles (hunt around till you find +3 ones) at level 3, cause Madam’s/Hero’s hurt your aspd too much, despite the higher damage.
    From level 20+, use Bat Wings for the def/aspd boost.
    At level 29, if you can, get a hold of some Warrior Piya Gloves for a big damage boost or Devil Tail for the damage/defense combo or stick with what you have.
    At level 43, use a Burning Tail for the damage/defense (great for XG'ing) or Succubus/Incubus Wings if you want the aspd at level 46/51.
    If you can’t get a BT, Murderer’s Nails are available to you at Level 52 for more damage.
    Level 66 allows you access to the King Scorpion’s Tail, a stronger version of the BT; but harder to G.
    Once you hit level 84, you can use the Titan’s Claw (or even better TC’s G) for pure damage/crit, or the ever common Mariel Wings at level 100 for the big defense/aspd/crit boost or Kyle's Wings, which provide more evasion and mspd.
    If you can wait till level 104, Black Wings of Gariel G. have better stats than Mariel's/Kyle's and have that sweet 'damage decrease %' to lessen that hurt.
    If you're fortunate or rich enough, and find yourself with a pair of Bird Wife Wings (level 120), you're quite lucky~ One of the few wings that that offer both damage/defense increase % when G'd
    And once you finish the Future of Shiltz quest you have access to the powerful Soul Collector’s Gloves (level 160) for pure offensive power; these can be XG’d as well.
    For those brave souls who best the Alcanez Instance Dungeon, Pagan's Wings (level 160) are good wings and Rhymos Wings of Strength (level 166) have the damage/defense and increase % for both when G'd; making it one of the best accessories in the game. GREAT~

    For more details, check out the Wings, Tails, Gloves pages on the wiki.
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    Pets: More Friends for Your Giant Sword

    No we’re not gonna have little fuzzy wuzzies to cuddle with~! You need a rabid mean beast to help you slaughter them bales~!
    So... just put… the bunny… down~

    Your pet should be one that focuses on pure damage and defense. Anything else is gravy (aspd, accuracy). The opts should be anything that increase your ability to dish out damage (damage, increase %, crit, aspd) and/or take more damage (defense, decrease %, HP %). But if you’re raising multiple pets at once, once you’re done, just choose the best one and move on.
    Colored pets will not be included in this list, but if you get one, it would be wise to use it. At 5th stage, they have 10 more damage (as well as some other stat changes) at the cost of 10 defense, which can be a sweet deal for many a warrior.

    The following are 5th stage pets that are applicable for warriors. (Rating system will apply)

    Moo Moo the Great: (Seed) By far the easiest pet to acquire. A decent pet, but you’ll want to upgrade to a better one after level 100 or so; unless it has very good opts.
    (Influential) Warrior Moo Moo: (Seed) Better than a MMTG, but you should look to a better pet later.
    Male Dryad: (Seed) One of the best seed pets available; if it’s a 'fly’, it’s even better~
    Swordmaster Piya: (Piya) The basic damage based piya pet. If it has good opts, it’ll last you a long time. Or until you feel like something ‘better’.
    Super Piya: (Piya) A good piya pet in that it has very good stats. Super~
    General Piya: (Piya) More damage than a Super Piya, but less defense. Even some aspd sprinkled on it.
    King of All Chickens: (Piya) Great stats. Great damage increase %. Great guardian ride. Great pet. Even better if it’s a fly~
    Hot Blooded Bat Boy (Bird) The common bird egg pet. Good defense, decent damage. Solid.
    Lucky Pig Bat: (Bird) A bit more damage than a HBBB, but less defense and a heck’uv’alot harder evolution materials list. Still a decent pet if you’re willing to make the effort.
    Hatchling: (Bird) For those unfortunate enough to have failed a dragon evolution from a salamander, this is still a good pet… just not a dragon~ x.x
    Sacred Ibis: (Bird) Though it has magic power, a bit less damage and defense than other bird egg pets mentioned, it does come with a sweet 10 aspd, which is quite a good thing to have.
    Thunderbird: (Bird) Similar to the Ibis, it's a not completely damage based pet, but that 10 aspd and its good stats makes it a great choice~
    Dragon: (Bird) The legendary ferocious beast~! If you have one, use it~ nuff said~ even if it’s not a fly. RAWR~!!
    Valkyrie: (Heaven) Though she got a tiny sword, she knows how to use it well~ Evolving a heaven's egg will get you a 100% chance for that sweet damage increase %. Nice~

    You can see your other choices at the Pets page on the wiki.
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    Training: Where to Use That Giant Sword

    Where to train? Where to hunt? It’s all up to you, but here we go~~!! Take that sword around the world~!

    1-10: Stick with mobs around your level around Elim or Lime.

    11-20: If you feel up to it, hunt Red Plumbers for BGM’s and fame or hunt Flying Pigs for Bat Wings/BGM. Watch out for the [boss] mobs~

    21-30: [Skilled] Mage Piyas at Outer Wall of Lime are [magical] mobs and are easy prey for STR based classes such as us. Feel free to hunt [Skilled] Cleric Piyas for WPG’s and Cleric Piya Hat’s to sell. Bah Bahs, Gloomy’s and Windy’s at Crude Mountain Range are available for fame. Or you can try out Pumpkins and Spiders in Crude Dungeon for more fame and good leveling.

    31-4x: Stay at Crude, or go to Midstream of Mimir River and hunt Crows/Traveling Cats; both are [magical] mobs and easy kills. Or you can hunt East/West of Laywook Forest for fame and some G/evo mats.

    4x-6x: Mt Trevia is a great place to train at this level; and you can even rack up on fame (Ice Crystals from Meowgicians at level 63) . Or you can try Land’s End for fame and some G mats. Or dare Clement Mines for fame and some rare stuff; (Scorpys drop BT).

    6x-8x: Cross Lake is common and great for training. But if you’re feeling brave early, try out Forest of Herkaus for a shot at G6’s, fame items and G mats. Sealed Island/Cave is also available, but not as common.

    8x-10x: Glasis Plains is a good place if you want more exp and have an (Earth) sword, but Herkaus Forest still holds true for those who endure. Or take a (Light) sword and try out TNT Skullos in Aleph Dungeon for G7’s. There’s even Nerais for those rare, but pricey goodies. For those hoping for easy riches, hunting Titan Skull or Death Night Yami in Clement Mines 2F can take you far... if you can handle the competition~ and the wait~

    105-12x: Chaos Gears is the best place to train at this level. Bring a (Darkness) sword and hope to find a good pt; great exp and RG’s for easy cash and pet food. Feel free to stay at TNT’s as well and hope to get lucky. There also Red Fire and Blue Water (if you have a good party)... and the proper elemental swords. Or if you want to try and hunt a Judgment armor Top, go to Mt. Cross and hunt Hot Blooded Rock. Boss hunters can test their courage on [A]Knight of All Evil in Nerais; if you can find him~ before the others do~

    12x-15x: Hunters might want to stay in Cross Forest to hunt NL Headband from Mariel[Boss] (level 126), or go to Catacombs for NL Bottom from Hell Dogs and NL Shoes from Horrid Warrior of Darkness (level 129). Grinders can stay at CG till around 13x, then should get a (Fire) sword and go to Yellow Iron for fast exp and good drops (NL Top from Steel Golems). Or for the brave and daring, and well equipped, try out the recently popular Ice Castle Lobby for nearly endless grinding.

    15x+: After you change your job, it’s your call… but the best places for training are YI and IC until you feel like a change, and I'm sure you will. Or wherever you can find a party available. Happy training~!!




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    Hi Hoon

    Congratulations on a really good thread to help new and old players on making a warrior.. You have made it look and read simple and yet understandable..makes me want to make a warrior but you know me crap at combo skills.

    You should be proud of yourself sunshine.

    Love Annica (Gm Avendesora)

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    Hello again hoonchi, thank you!!! This is a really nice guide, this will help me with my new character. =p

    by the way, Jikmaru wants to give you rubies as a reward because of your hard work and passion for SEAL showing in this guide.
    (Please send me your account details via private message) Keep up the good work!

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