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    my client crashes randomly (INFORMATIVE 📜)

    GM, im using performance mode but my game just crashes, stable is the worst its laggy, need help.

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    Hello Rohanians!

    If you're experiencing constant crashing issues. We're sharing a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to determine what could be the possible cause and figure out the possible solution according to your case.

    To help our devs investigate better and resolve the issue, please provide the following information to any GM in any case other player presents a similar problem:

    Type of Client Used (Stable/Performance):
    Number of Clients Used:
    On which map(s) do you experience the issue?
    Frequency of Crashes (Occasionally/Frequently/Always):
    📎 Please attach your DX Diag File.
    📎 Please attach your Windows Crash Logs File.

    * Send this information to any GM in order to be checked with the devs.

    How to Obtain your Crash Information
    I) Windows Crash Logs File
    ㄴ How to obtain the File
    II) Dx Diag File
    ㄴ How to obtain the File
    III) GM Notes
    ㄴ About Performance Mode Stability Issues

    Use [CTRL + F] to quickly find your preferred content!

    I. Windows Crash Logs File:


    > Creating Windows Crash Logs File Reports:

    Event Viewer is a built-in tool in Windows that allows users to view detailed logs of system, application, and security events. When a program goes "not responding," Event Viewer can be used to identify and analyze the specific cause of the issue:

    💡 GM Tips:

    1) When searching your game crash logs, look in "Application" Menu:

    2) Search all the logs according to the time you had the crash (make sure that in the description is related to rohanclient.exe, rohanclient_opt.exe or Loader.exe)

    3) After checking the logs associated with the crash, select all of them, and share the file with the GM.

    II. Dx Diag File:

    > Creating DirectX Diagnostic (DxDiag) Reports:

    This report has detailed information about your computer's specs, which are used for troubleshooting:

    III. GM Notes:

    > About Performance Mode Stability Issues:

    We understand that some players are experiencing game crashes on certain maps with this version of the game. As this is the first optimization version, there may be some errors. The troubleshooting steps provided below will help us improve and correct these issues in future updates.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to provide a stable and enjoyable gaming experience for all Rohanians,

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team
    Vengeance Never Ends
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