Seal Online Server Maintenance

February 14th, 15:00 to 21:00 PST

Dear Shiltzians...

In this post, you will be able to find news regarding events and content. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights to help us improve the game.

The following updates have been conducted during our Maintenance:

- The Lucky Rascal Coin (02/14 ~ 03/12) has been updated! Check it out:

- We want to remind everyone that The Golden Chest has been updated. To read more click here:

- Love's in The Air - Valentine's Season Event - 1st Round (02/14 ~ 03/12) has just kicked off! Let the romance guide you through this special time:

- A Multiple Boost (02/14 ~ 02/27) among Stone Dismantle X2, Skill Ability and Pets & Battle Pets has been set. Enjoy!:

- A Refine Boost +15% (02/14 ~ 02/27) has been set. Refine more, worry less! More Info:

- The Newsboard has been updated containing the main changes within these Patch Notes.

- Draco's Fortune Blessings system event has finished and all items related have been removed from the server.

- Bonus Golden Chest Keys Event has come to and end. Therefore, 1 Bonus Golden Chest Key will be provided for every 200 chests opened.

- We'd like to communicate that Seal Blessing has been updated replacing Dungeon Admission Tickets for Extra Rewards for completing Daily Quests every day!
Plus, all Seal Blessing subscribers will keep their exclusive benefits such as Exclusive Pets, Costumes, Guarders, double monthly and time rewards among other perks.

- IMPORTANT: Many guides recently posted have been moved to the 'Guides & Tips' section in The Forum. Here, we will be posting every single update regarding new features, updates, and guides as soon as they reach the server:

- Next regular maintenance: February, 27th.

[Fix] Fixed the issue that caused NPC Olsen not to work properly with refinement catalysts such as Albereo's Special Toolbox and Blessed Gems.

- Our next maintenance will take place on February, 27th.

Remember that Seal Blessing will increase your gameplay benefits

Love Seal!
Seal B.O.D. Team