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    [NEW] Patch Notes 01/30/2024

    Seal Online Server Maintenance

    January 30th, 15:00 to 21:00 PST

    Dear Shiltzians...

    In this post, you will be able to find news regarding events and content. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights to help us improve the game.

    The following updates have been conducted during our Maintenance:

    - The Golden Chest (01/30 ~ 02/27) has been updated! Check it out: https://bit.ly/49gTZ94

    - We want to remind everyone that The Lucky Rascal Coin has been updated. To read more click here: https://bit.ly/4b1bMmE

    - Draco's Fortune Blessings (01/16 ~ 02/14) is still on the run! Enjoy this Dragon's New Year along with fortune, prizes, and a lot of fame.
    Check it out: https://bit.ly/3Skt9aq

    - Bonus Golden Chest Key Event (01/30 ~ 02/14) has been set. Get 1 Bonus Key for opening 100 chests instead of every 200.

    - The Newsboard has been updated containing the main changes within these Patch Notes.

    - Fishing Speed X2 and EXP X3 has come to and end. Therefore, rates are back to normal.

    - Stone Dismantle X2 has come to and end. Therefore, rates are back to normal.

    - Pets & Battle Pets Boost has come to and end. Therefore, rates are back to normal.

    - Skill Ability Event has come to and end. Therefore, rates are back to normal.

    - Refine Boost +15% has come to and end. Therefore, rates are back to normal.

    - **Daily Quest Expansion**
    Starting now, Daily Quests have been expanded including new categories (A~SSS) and bringing juicy gifts for Seal Blessing users as well!
    1. Daily Quests now provide up to 4 gifts plus 1 Big Gift for completing 2, 4, 6, and 8 daily quests.
    2. Categories have been expanded to SSS > SS > S > A > B > C.
    3. Only the first 3 Daily Quests are unable to reroll.
    4. From SSS > SS > S > A > B > C categories, they provide 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 R Coins respectively.
    5. The number of rerolls have increased up to 10 times.

    - **Complete Multiple Quests at Once!**
    In Nua City, the NPCs Jero, Renzo, Dante, and Persephone are now allowing players to complete Multiple Quests at once as long as having the required ingredients!

    - **Trade UI Update**
    The UI for trades has been redesigned as follows:
    1. The player who is trading is now displayed on top of the UI.
    2. Both parts are now called cegels.
    3. When both parts are in the process of setting their items, the status 'Checking Transaction' is displayed.

    - IMPORTANT: Many guides recently posted have been moved to the 'Guides & Tips' section in The Forum. Here, we will be posting every single update regarding new features, updates, and guides as soon as they reach the server: https://bit.ly/3Jk13rd

    - Next regular maintenance: February, 14th.

    [Fix] Fixed the issue that caused disconnection when equipping a dead pet.

    [Fix] Fixed the issue that caused a game crash when interrupting the process to unlock a gem skill through the Gem Setting UI.

    [Fix] Fixed the issue that led the second options to disappear of cash costume when pressing the sort button.

    [Fix] Fixed the issue that caused the loss of HP and AP recovery after earning these stats through the new Individuality System.

    - Our next maintenance will take place on February, 14th.

    Remember that Seal Blessing will increase your gameplay benefits

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D. Team
    The People's GM.

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    The blacksmith cannot put the props into the designated location to make potions after using the cooking skill. Does GM have any solution?

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