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    Support Request System

    Greetings everyone!

    There are various ways to contact a game master if you need technical game assistance.

    To contact game masters for immediate assistance, please check if they are in-game standing in major cities.

    Game Master names:

    To contact us, just type in chat, example: "!JIkmaru text here"

    If we're not online, e-mail us at:
    sealgm@ynkinteractive.com (primary)

    We do our very best to achieve top notch customer service, so please do not worry if you cannot get a hold of us immediately. We will take care of your situation as quickly as possible assuming you submit your issue in a reasonable time frame of the incident (in-game issue).

    If you submit after a long time a specific event/situation has occurred, we will most likely not be able to support you to the fullest.
    **Please submit an issue as soon as it has occurred so we can find it fast**

    Whenever you plan to contact us, please provide the following information for quick assistance:

    Portal Account ID:
    Character name with problem:
    Date of issue:
    Any screenshots:
    Explanation of situation, pet names, item names, and character names involved, etc:

    If you cannot reach us via e-mail and your issue is lengthy, please fill out a support ticket.

    Go here:

    Here are some issues when you may need to contact a GM:
    -Bank password reset
    -Guild password reset (you must be the guildmaster)
    -account information change issues
    -forum login issues
    -game installation, setup, procedures and compatibility issues.
    -comprimised accounts, account disputes.

    Below are examples of issues that should still be handled through the forums:

    Game Tips, Advice, personal requests, assistance, and refinement questions.

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    I'm still having trouble with synchronizing my accounts. I do not know what to put in the security question portion. And I could not access my other account details. The play rohan portal keeps appearing. What I need is my Dontblynk account details. Hmmm how do you access that when the site is down and it seems like it doesn't exist anymore? This is frustrating...

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    If you don't know your personal information, then you need to e-mail support staff or submit a ticket. If you can prove that you have ownership of the account that you request, we will be able to give you information to link your account.

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    hi sorry that i cant even find the Synchronization form. mind send me a link?

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    Go here and fill out the form and go through the process.


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    it tells me used account error code -10006. i have emailed the team my account detail and password aswell as the the character within that account to prove my identity. however the stuff did not reply with a solution nor my account has been revived. nothing on the character selection section.

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    hello Koncussion, i wanted to ask.. Just now I already synchronize my new rohan ID and my "pretty old" ID seal of dontblynk..
    It said that the link already been done.. however.. I doesn't need to put any "security question or security answers" just a normal ID and password..
    Then get some menu to finish.. then i finish it.

    When I open the seal online.. this ID doesnt have my last character which I think it should be have several and the highest is about 70-80.. i forgot..
    Thanks for your concern.

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    im having a tech problem with the game. Im not sure what it is because i searched online and couldn't find anything about it.
    After i press "Game Start" on the launcher it loads gamegaurd and then when the screen for seal online itself pops up... an error box pops up saying "Hacking Prevention Tool Has Ended".
    I have tried re-installing and re-downloading but the error box still happens to pop up and i cannot get to the login screen or the loader before the login screen. The screen is just white along with the error box.
    Any help asap would be appreciated. thank you xD

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    thank you. when i email them about the problem do you know how long it will take for them to reply back?

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