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    [Guide] Tower of Infinity

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here is a guide that will help you know more about the new R.O.H.A.N Update: Tower of Infinity.

    ➡ Tower of Infinity:
    Darkness encroaches upon the R.O.H.A.N. continent. The divine race AESIR and the R.O.H.A.N. tribal alliance investigate the spreading darkness, leading to the discovery of the Tower of Infinity. Rumors suggest reaching the divine world through its pinnacle. Rohanians, let's embark on this investigation!

    1. How to Enter
    ㄴ Access Point
    ㄴ Entry Requirements
    ㄴ Additional Entry Methods
    2. Tower of Infinity Dungeon
    ㄴ Main Features
    New Bosses!
    ㄴ Rewards per Floor
    ㄴ Infinity Fragments
    3. Engrave System
    ㄴ How To Access
    ㄴ Infinity Stones
    ㄴ UI System (How to Use)
    ㄴ 1) Enhancement
    ㄴ 2) Preset functions and changes
    ㄴ 3) Reset (Time Stone)
    ㄴ 4) Charge
    ㄴ 5) Initialization (Time Initialization Stone)

    4. GM Notes
    ㄴ Main Questions
    ㄴ About Engrave Stones

    Use [CTRL + F] to quickly find your preferred content!

    1. How to Enter:

    > Access Point

    Located at Kallistia Garrison, accessible through [Kallistia → Kallistia Garrison → Book of Infinity]

    > Entry Requirements

    ⚠️Characters of level 115 or higher can enter, either solo or in a party of 6.
    ⚠️Free entry once a day.

    > Additional Entry Methods

    You can enter the Tower of Infinity two more times a day using these two methods:

    1) Purchase [Tower of Infinity Admission Ticket] through NPC Obel <Manager of Transcended Equipment> in the Fishing Hole.
    (Can be purchased with [10 billion crones] and [20 trillion] experience points)

    2) Obtain [Tower of Infinity Admission Ticket] by collecting 5x [Tower of Infinity Admission Ticket Fragment] from NPC Franco in the Fishing Hole after clearing the related quest from the ‘Book of Infinity’.

    * Quest can be completed once a day.
    * The number of entries to the Tower of Infinity and quests are reset every day at 4:00 AM PST.

    2. Tower of Infinity Dungeon:

    > Main Features

    ▶ It consists of floors from 1 to 100, and there is a powerful Boss that will appear every 10th floor.

    *If you kill all monsters within the set time, you will move to the next floor and the monsters that appear will become stronger.

    ▶ Rewards accumulate when each floor is cleared, but the recompense is only made when your turn in the dungeon ends.

    * You can obtain [Infinity Fragments] by climbing floors (The higher the floor, the more fragments you will get).
    * If all players participating in the battle die or fail to kill the monster within the time limit.
    * You will be considered a defeat, and when you leave after losing, you will receive accumulated rewards up to the floor you cleared.
    * Your progress will not be saved, and when you re-enter, you will start from the 1st floor.

    > New Bosses!

    > Rewards per Floor

    ※ A unique boss appears every 10 floors.

    > Infinity Fragments

    You may be wondering... Infinity Fragments are valuable items obtained by climbing floors within the Tower of Infinity Dungeon in Rohan. These fragments hold significance as they serve as a crucial item utilized in Rohan's New Engrave System.

    *This item is not tradable.

    3. Engrave System:

    The Engrave System is a newly introduced feature in R.O.H.A.N., presenting various enhancements to character stats. Here's a breakdown of its components:

    > How To Access

    ※Accessible via the Character Information UI (shortcut: C) under [Battle] -> Equipment.
    ※Comprises Infinity Stones: Athena Stone, Eirene Stone, and Hecate Stone, each with unique abilities.
    ※Enhancement, reset, charge, and initialization functionalities are available for the stones through the Engrave UI.

    > Infinity Stones

    ※ Infinity Stones are made up of Athena Stone, Eirene Stone, and Hecate Stone, and you can check the abilities that can be set for each stone through the table below:

    > UI System (How to Use)

    ※ This is an Engrave UI that allows you to enhance, reset, charge, and initialize the three Infinity Stones, each consisting of 10 slots and 2 presets.

    > 1) Enhancement Function

    ※ You can enhance the stone to the next slot. (After enhancement, options from the previous stage cannot be reset)
    ※ When strengthening, options appropriate for the slot are given.

    * Enhancements have a 100% success rate.

    ※ When enhancing an engrave, the required [Fragment of Infinity] varies depending on the slot and can be checked in the table below:

    > 2) Preset functions and changes

    ※ You can check the preset of the stone currently being applied. You can change the preset by clicking the arrow like the video below:

    > 3) Reset

    ※You can check the remaining number of resets for that step by checking the number of resets in the upper right. (Deducted once at a time)

    * When you apply the reset, it is always directed to the last enabled slot.

    ※The number of stages is shared, and when reset, the options for the current enhancement stage change. You can check the required goods in the table below.

    > 4) Charge

    ※ Allows you to charge your Reset Counter.
    ※ One engraved stone is required for charging, and it is charged 10 levels at a time. It can only be used when there are 90 or less remaining attempts.
    [Time Stone] is required to charge.

    *This item is tradable and can be obtained from the Item Mall.

    > 5) Initialization

    ※ When using a <Time Initialization Stone>, all the slots of the selected preset are reset.
    (Initialization is done including the number of resets, and other types of engravings and preset engravings are not affected.)
    ※ All enhancement levels for the Stone of Infinity in this preset will be reset, so please do it with precaution.
    [Time Initialization Stone] is required for this:

    * Note: All the Infinity Fragments used in the selected preset are not recoverable.

    *This item is tradable and can be obtained from the Item Mall.

    4. GM Notes:

    > GM, the permits to enter to Tower of Infinity can be saved like Blazing Temple?

    GM: Although it is indeed a non-tradeable item, it can be kept in your inventory for as long as you wish since it has no expiration date.

    > About Engrave Stones:

    R.O.H.A.N. Item Mall: Click here

    Dare you to face the Darkness and reveal the secrets within?
    Prepare for an epic adventure like no other in R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance.

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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