Pet death related issues will be investigated on a case by case basis. If you purchased a Pet Feeding Bag and your pet died for no reason, you will be eligible to submit a ticket for investigation. If your pet death was due to a technical error, your pet will be restored with no options. If your pet death was due to negligence and you still have a Pet Feeding Bag, then your pet will not be restored. When submitting a ticket, please provide the following information to reduce investigation time.

Required information when submitting ticket:

Pet name:
Pet options:
Did you have pet feeding bag:
What food were you feeding it:
What time and date did it die:
What map zone did it die:
What were you doing when it died:
What character name had this pet:
How did you get your pet (trade/evolve/etc):
Server name:

Please provide this information when submitting a ticket to here:

If your pet died and it was due to a technical error, expect 1-2 days for your pet to be restored and placed within your bank or you inventory.