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    [New] Get your 2nd Job easier and faster! - New 2nd Job Quest Guide

    Greetings, Shiltzians!

    We wanted to take advantage of this new update to improve the quality of life of the new characters, shortening and
    making the process of obtaining the 2nd Jobs less tedious.

    • New 2nd Job Quest Guide

    1. After reaching level 150 and getting a fame amount equal to or greater than 50000, you must talk to [NPC] Taylor,
    located at 6 o'clock from the fountain in the center of Elim Village. At the beginning of the conversation you have to
    answer him with the keyword "1. Hello." If you meet the conditions mentioned before, he will ask if you want to try the
    2nd job change test. If you do, you can start the test by paying 800,000 cegels.

    2. Right after accepting the test you will be transported to the test site. There, you have to defeat several bales to collect
    the items they drop. You must pick up at least 50 Typareth's Vow and 50 Jikael's Breath.

    ※ If is too difficult to collect the items through fighting, you can exchange them with R Coins at the RoadMap Store.
    * * - 1 R Coin is consumed for each one of the two different types of items required.

    3. After collecting all the materials, talk to the 2nd job Exam Supervisor inside the test center and hand over the items you have collected.
    * * Afterwards, talk to [NPC] Taylor in town to select a job to change to, after that your 2nd job change process is complete.

    Thank you!
    Seal B.O.D Team^^
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