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    [PvP Guide ⚔️] Honor System

    Greetings Rohanians!

    The R.O.H.A.N. Continent is Full of PvP Action! Our Honor System is the cornerstone of our gameplay, setting the stage for intense battles, strategic engagements, and lots of rewards for doing so!

    1. Introduction
    ㄴ What is the Honor System?
    ㄴ Access to PvP Honor Menu
    ㄴ Basic Rules for PvP
    ㄴ Murderer/Red State
    2. Honor Points
    ㄴ Honor Points, Rewards & Rank
    ㄴ Honor Ranking - NPC Chris Jean

    3. Hit List
    Vengeance/ Recall Function.
    4. Mercenary Hiring:
    ㄴ Requirements
    ㄴ Mercenary Request
    ㄴ Mercenary Request Execution

    5. GM Notes:
    ㄴ Dark & White Races
    ㄴ Forbidden Actions
    ㄴ GM I Can't claim my PvP Honor Rewards!

    Key Words

    PK: Player kill.
    RPK: Random player kill.
    KoS: Kill on sight.
    PvP: Player vs Player. Players can pvp after they reach level 30.

    1. Introduction:

    > What is the Honor System?

    The Honor System stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering a unique PvP experience exclusive in R.O.H.A.N. More than a mere mechanism, it's a chronicle of your prowess and a canvas upon which you etch your indomitable spirit. In this dynamic system, your PvP endeavors are recognized, celebrated, and also rewarded.

    > Accesing to the PvP Honor Menu:

    -> Click on the PvP Button at the right side of your screen ()
    -> Click on "PvP Honor"
    -> You will see the "PvP Honor" Main Menu:

    a) There are two main tabs in the PvP Honor Menu: Hit List and Mercenary Wage, we will check those in detail in this guide.
    b) The baseline for potential kills in PVP initiates at a count of 10. 1 point is deducted upon each PVP encounter victory.

    ㄴ This number of PVP kills that can be reduced is increased once per hour (playtime) based on the last PVP.
    c) When all 10 allowable kills are utilized, the character is marked as [Murderer], and in order to return to a normal state, you
    must not proceed with PK or PVP for 10 hours (playtime).

    > Basic Rules for PvP:

    ◉ PvP is not available for players below level 30.
    ◉ Attempting to defeat a player 10 levels below your level won't grant Honor Points or list you in the Hit List.
    ◉ Defeating a higher-level player as a lower-level user earns you Honor Points and a Hit List entry.
    ◉ Players below your level by 10 or more display names in yellow.

    > Murderer/Red State:

    Disadvantages of [Murderer Mode]:

    Red Name: Transitioning into Murderer Mode causes the character's name to visibly change to red.
    Higher Risk Drop: In contrast to normal mode, Murderer Mode introduces a higher risk factor. Upon defeat, not only tradeable inventory items but also randomly selected equipped and inventory items can be dropped with the exception of weapons and accessories.
    Increased Vulnerability: Characters in Murderer Mode become targets of assaults from both fellow players and vigilant guard NPCs stationed across main towns, heightening exposure to danger.
    No Kill Count Protection: Murderers can be attacked without incurring a deduction in the available kill count.

    ㄴ If you beat a character in Murderer while you're in Murderer too, it is considered PVP in normal mode, and the number of possible kills is deducted.

    2. Honor Points:

    Engage in PvP activities to earn Honor Points, each a testament to your valiance on the battlefield. These points chronicle your victories and losses serving as a measure of your mettle.

    How to accumulate Honor Points: (3 factors)

    -> Every Unique Kill earns you 3 Honor Points
    -> Every death earns you 1 Honor Point

    Note: Unique Kill -> Must be different Characters.

    -> 1 Point per 100,000 Crones from Monster Hunting.

    -> 1 Point for Every 50 minutes of Playtime

    [Honor Rewards]

    ◉ Honor Points lead to prizes. Check "PvP Honor," then click "See Offer" to find earned rewards.
    ◉ Important: Accumulated Honor Points reset and unclaimed prizes clear during each maintenance/server restart.


    Rank indicates the total number of points you have acquired from PvP, Hunt, and Connection. You receive 1 point for every 30 minutes online. For PvP, you receive 6 points (needs to be checked) for every person you kill that isn't on your "Killed" list, and is within 10 levels of you. The Rank level can increase from 1 to 10, and the higher the level, the higher the chance that you will receive the PvP Honor items of those that you kill..

    > Honor Ranking:

    To check the Honor Rankings, just go to the NPC Chris Jean located in the Crafting Studio (near to Cassandra).

    [Web Page Ranking] (Coming Soon!)

    3. Hit List:

    > Vengeance/ Recall Function ()

    * The Honor System empowers you to exact vengeance upon your adversaries. Triumphs are celebrated, but defeats are not forgotten.

    The Vengeance/Hit List is a system exclusive to R.O.H.A.N enabling you to keep track of your PVP battle outcomes and avenge yourself. The Hit list records 50 battles you have engaged in and their respective opponents and outcomes. If you have been killed in arbitrary PVP or were killed under circumstances you deemed unfair, you can verify the log of the battle in the Hit List of the corresponding player, and via the Vengeance system, teleport to that player and get your revenge! Maybe you got killed by someone higher level than you, and you need help? The Vengeance systems let you teleport a party to the target as well!

    ◉ If you succeed in taking venge on a character in the user list you have defeated, the character that succeeded in revenge will be deleted from the [PKer] list.
    ◉ If your enemy is logged off or is in a safe area, it is impossible to move to that player.

    4. Mercenary Hiring:

    5. GM Notes:

    > Dark & White Races

    Dekans and Dhans, known as the dark races, can switch to Assassination mode and engage in PK for experience points. The other races, referred to as the 'white' races, can gain experience points and/or items by PKing these dark races in Assassination mode. More info here:

    Persona Switch/Assasin Mode: Click here

    > GM, I can't claim my PvP Honor Rewards!

    To claim your PvP honor rewards, you'll need to wait for one of two scenarios:

    A. When server maintenance takes place.
    B. When the server have a restart.

    In either case, the rewards moves from the 'accumulated prize' category to 'guaranteed prize.' It's important to note that players on your vengeance list (those who have defeated you in combat) become eligible for a share of your rewards from the 'accumulated prize items' category. Therefore, it's possible that an item may be awarded to one of your attackers, provided they've been defeated themselves. The game's decision regarding this distribution occurs automatically when the server restarts in any of the scenarios described above.

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team
    Vengeance Never Ends
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