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    [System Event] The Lost Water Fairies - 2nd Round

    - BONUS EVENT The Lost Water Fairies: We want to inform you that this system event was divided into 2 parts, the first part ended on July 04th and the second ended on August 01st.
    ❗❗Fairy of the Seas and Contribution Voucher have been removed during the maintenance on August 01st.❗❗


    Please know that all the rewards of the 1st Part and 2nd Part of the event have already been sent.

    Any brave soul who attempts to exploit the support platform to obtain rewards that they haven't won should prepare themselves for a ban.

    If you find any issue please send a ticket!

    Thank you for your attention.

    Seal B.O.D. Team
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    During level jump event there is 2 fields event... Nice
    Let me turu
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    Quantity required for basic box...getting higher and higher with each new event..from 200, 300 to 400 now..let's wait until it reaches 1000.!! LOL...

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    help gm, my character stuck at elim

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    Halo GM Server very very Lag please fix it

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    Dear Gamemaster: What can we do if we saw someone used filtered loot to pick up fairy of the seas?
    An archer is hunting next me, it seems like he doesn`t pick up anything, so i pick up everything on the ground, but after picking thiusands of his items, there is not even one fairy of the seas, this is not right, right? but what can we do ?

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    Who is the winner of the second round?

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    Dear Shiltzians, please know that we are going to delay the winners announcement in order to ensure that the rewards are delivered in the fairest way possible. The announcement as well as the delivery of prizes will be this Friday, August 04. We appreciate your kind understanding.

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