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    [Guide] Celestial Update

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here is a guide that will help you know all about our new content regarding: Celestial Update.

    ➡ Celestial Update:
    In the heart of Kallistia, amid rugged terrain and lush forests, slumbering creatures have awakened, summoned by celestial energies. These formidable monsters, infused with otherworldly power, present a daunting challenge to even the most battle-hardened warriors.

    1. Kallistia Garrison Update
    ㄴ New Monsters
    ㄴ Quests Update

    2. Celestial Equipment
    -- 2.1. Celestial Weapons
    ㄴ Forging
    ㄴ Enhancement
    ㄴ Refining & Features

    -- 2.2. Celestial ArmorSet
    ㄴ Materials
    ㄴ Forging
    ㄴ Enhancement
    ㄴ Refining & Features

    3. Transcending your Equipment
    ㄴ Shiny Transcendence Stone
    4. Unique System: Astral Power!
    ㄴ Demonstration
    ㄴ Reapplying Option Values

    5. Option Stats
    ㄴ Max Options

    6. GM Notes
    ㄴ Armor Stats per Level
    ㄴ Armor Appereances

    Use [CTRL + F] to quickly find your preferred content!

    1. Kallistia Reorganization:

    > New Monsters:

    a) The level of the new monsters ranges from 221 to 224, and when you defeat them, you can acquire material items in order to craft your Celestial Equipment.

    b) The vast majority of monsters have a HP Absorption high resistance, in order to make more challenging this task.

    c) These are currently the most powerful mobs in the game so far so please take all the precautions when facing them.

    * Black Spirit Kenshi is also located in Area 8 and drops Celestial Helmet Pieces.

    > Quests Update:

    a) All the quests that could be previously completed in Kallistia Region were updated or removed as well of some NPCs detailed according to:

    * Ohn's Transparent Bubble can be obtained by completing the chain quests linked to [Heaven and Earth].

    * Celestial Fragments can be obtained as a drop when defeating any monsters inside Kallstia.

    * Condensed Walter Power can be obtained through the recycle System with the following recipe:

    [Sealed Walter Medal(+10)] + Sealed Walter Medal(+10)]] +[Shiny Trans. Stone)] = [Condensed Walter Power]

    2. Celestial Equipment:

    > What is Celestial?

    Celestial Gear are the tier of weapons after Abyss (highest-level equipment so far). Celestial Weapons get 4 sockets when transcended and their weapon attack is higher than Abyss weapons,
    the extra attack they get when forged is also higher and has a unique option system called Astral Power.

    > How to obtain them?

    This time there are two methods in order to obtain your Celestial Equipment:
    1st Method: Via Conversion System with our new items: Celestial Armor & Celestial Weapon Conversion Stone:

    Abyss Armor Conversion Example:

    * Success rate is 100%.
    * Conversion stones can only be obtained through NPC Derrick [New Walter Power] (Repeatable Quest)

    2nd Method:Via Forging System which is farming the materials in-game and forge them up to ancient in the NPCs. The first thing you need to collect, as always, are the material items:

    * <Broken/Cracked/Unknown/Enchanted Celestial Fragment>

    * This items are tradable.
    * To see the areas where you can acquire these materials, check the first table of this guide.

    2.1 Celestial Weapons:

    > Forging/Combination

    *Forge it with the NPC <Master Weaponsmith> located in each town.

    * Remember to use Preservation Items in order to
    minimize the chance of losing the materials or nullify the chance of the items being destroyed (Depends on the Preservation Item Used).

    ※ For better understanding, we will guide you through the weapon combination recipe in order to Forge a Celestial Dagger.

    > Enhancement

    *Celestial weapons has 2 different enhancement methods for the majority of weapons and two extra ones for the Trinity Race.

    ※ The enhancement can proceed after delivering Transcendence stones x15 to NPC Tamir <Weapon Enhancer> located in the Fishing Hole.
    NPC Reforce <Trinity Item Enhancer> and NPC Vaz <Trinity Item Enhancer> can only reinforce Trinity Celestial Weapons.

    * IMPORTANT: Note that in the Premium Enhancement, in case of failure, you only keep the item, but not the level of reinforcement.
    ※ Safe Enhancement Stone and Enhancement Ticket are two other ways to enhance your weapons (All Celestial weapons can be enhanced through this two additional options).
    ※ In the case of Celestial Shields, will only require 12x Transcendence Stones from NPC Tamir.

    > Refining & Features

    ※ Same restrictions when refining +30 dlvls applies.

    2.2 New Celestial Set!:

    > Materials

    ※ Dropped Material Items may have unique and common features randomly:

    > Forging/Combination

    *Forge it with the NPC <Master Armorsmith> located in each town (Shieldsmith in case you want to forge your shield).

    * Remember to use Preservation Items in order to
    minimize the chance of losing the materials or nullify the chance of the items being destroyed (Depends on the Preservation Item Used).

    ※ For better understanding, we will guide you through the weapon combination recipe in order to Forge a Celestial Armor.

    > Enhancement

    *Celestial Armor Set has the same method of enhancement as weapons.

    > Armor Features

    *Celestial armor's required level to wear is 170 (same level as Celestial Weapon).

    3. Transcending your Equipment:

    > Via Shiny Transcendence Stones:

    ※ Spirit Stones Equipped will not be preserved.
    ※ Enhancement Level will be mantained.
    ※ When you transcend Celestial Weapons, 4 sockets are now created (except for shields), and when transcending Celestial Armor, 3 sockets are created.

    4. Unique System: Astral Power!

    > Demonstration:

    ※ Celestial Crystals can only be obtained at NPC Zyho (Quest: Ohn Decision-Repeatable).
    ※ Celestial Crystals are Tradable.
    ※ This system cannot be used more than once in a given Celestial item.
    ※ Does not works for Shields.
    ※ If you already have spirit stones in your equipment and use this system, the spirit stone will be preserved.

    > Reapplying Option Values:

    GM, and what happens if I don't like/need the option given by the Astral System?

    Sasore: Arpezio is the only NPC who can help you to change the option values randomly for crones.

    Re-applying Option Values

    ※ As you can see the amount of crones consumed increases according to the number of re-apply attempts (whether you confirm your option or not).
    ※ Crone consumption per re-attempt: 1B → 2B → 3B → 4B → 5B → 7B → 9B → 11B → 13B → 15B.
    ※ You will have a maximum of 10 attempts for each weapon and you can recharge your number of attempts:

    Recharge Reapply Option

    ※ This feature can be done using a Celestial Crystal as material.
    ※ There is no limit to the number of resets as long you have the materials.

    5. Option Stats:

    > Max Stats:

    6. GM Notes:

    > Armor Stats per Level:

    > Armor Appereances:

    In case of an issue or if you completed the wrong quest please make sure to send a ticket to our support platform.

    We hope this helps you navigate your way through the Celestial Path, its quests, and new invasion zones!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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