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    Screen Resolution problems

    Okay, here's the issue:
    My laptop screen is a 1366x768 (about, maybe, iunno). Every time I start ROHAN, it's a "square screen" (simiar to 600x400, but scaled correctly). This isn't the problem.
    The problem is that every time I enter the server of choice, my resolution settings reset to the aforementioned square screen, no matter what I change it to.
    It resets on every character I have with the exception of new ones I make. Then when I log-relog, it resets to the square screen resolution again! It's been driving me nuts.

    Any help is good help. Love for those who do so.

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    Hello , I have a laptop ( 1366 x 768 ) and have almost the same problem.

    I don't know exactly if it will work but atleast you should try , if you have a PC try to run Rohan from it with the desired resolution , as we know Rohan works well on a big screen. After you have chosen the desired resoltuion try to copy all those files from Rohan folder (PC) to Rohan folder (laptop).

    Also you could try a fresh install of Rohan Blood Feud.

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    I have got a different problem since the new Update ''Elements'' im not able to Choose my laptop resolution 1366 x 768 and my friends have the same problem... they use 15.6 laptop with that screen resolution before the update i could play 1366 x 768 and i had the same problem as ''JoeVerage'' turning it back to square but this is worse not being able to use my desired resolution which is 1366 x 768 ...
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    Problem is similar to mine my screen is 1366 X 786 but i in options there is no such option only 1280x smth etc, any way to do smth about it? And i have downloaded Rohan only 3 - 5 days ago so its not an "old rohan" problem.. also i dont have PC so i cant copy/past files form one to another..
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    Im at the place u wish to go .. <3
    well if its saying frency out of range.. make a new lvl 1 character and set the reso then logg off and logg back on with ur main character.. happen to me
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    hi guys this problem has never occurred to me i iam on laptop with 15.6 inch screen with full hd resolution.

    u call can try this delete all the .set file from the rohan folder this might even solve your em icon missing problem.
    then login to a char and set the resolution to 800x600 window mode then log-out completely
    then again login and check weather it runs in window mode or not if yes your problem is solve if not then try again,
    u can also try to dual log and run a second window when the resolution is set to window mode

    after that try to reset the resolution to desired size in your all case 1366x then logout

    while logging out go to char screen then quit alt+c

    then try to re log.

    care if u are dual client-ing windows vita or 7 u will have to press alt several time to use the keys many time it gets locked

    and while dual client-ing the screen resolution always resets to square 800x600 or 1024x since the char screen and stand by screen are not of wide screen resolution

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    They should just come with a solution i think, it's very annoying to play like this.
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    Please tell me how i can make 1366x768 i need it!!!!

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