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    [Guide] God of War's Hall Dungeon

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here is a guide that will help you know all about our new content regarding: God of War's Hall.

    ➡ God of War's Hall:
    Delve into the mysterious depths of an abandoned ruin shrouded in darkness. Rumored to house fallen gods, this once sacred site now harbors malevolent forces. Embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth behind their downfall and unravel the enigma of the ruin's past.

    1. How to enter:
    -- 1.1. Map Location
    -- 1.2. Entry Requirements

    2. God Of War's Hall Levels:
    -- 2.1. Minor
    -- 2.2. Intermediate
    -- 2.3. Superior
    -- 2.4. Mobs
    -- 2.5. Drops Info

    3. New PvP Titles:
    -- 3.1 NPC Roselia
    -- 3.2 Titles List
    -- 3.3 Requirements

    4. New Consignment Shop!

    1. How to Enter:

    1.1 Map Location:

    This new dungeon is located in Ignis (G2), inside the Temple of Flox.

    When you are a few steps away, you will see a new NPC known as Mind Avatar.
    He will let you pass only under certain conditions.

    NPC: Mind Avatar <Hall Keeper>
    This new NPC can be found in the entrance of God of War's Hall

    1.2 Entry Requirements:

    The only way to enter the dungeon is through this NPC Mind Avatar, according to the following requirements.

    Note: If you want to exit the dungeon, can do it freely using the portal, party matching system, among other methods, however you can't entry with these previous methods.

    ➡ Quest [Repeteable] Flox Amulet (8hr) Level requirement: 1

    Mind Avatar requires you to give him
    50M/500M/1B Crones
    depending on the level you want to entry.

    As a reward for completing the quest you will receive a Sealed Flox Amulet of the corresponding difficulty. Once you unsealed the item, you will get:

    <Flox Amulet (8hr)>

    *At the moment is the only type of permit you can obtain (cannot be recycled for a longer duration).
    *This item is not tradable.

    2. Difficulty Levels:

    *Since there are ranged mobs in each area of ​​the dungeon, party play is highly recommended rather than solo.

    2.1 Minor Level:

    * Dungeon map & its equivalencies.

    2.2 Inter. Level:

    2.3 Sup. Level:

    2.4 Dungeon Mobs:

    2.5 Drop Info:

    Relics Drop:

    3. New PvP Titles!:

    3.1 NPC Roselia:

    NPC: Roselia <God of War's Hall Title Manager>
    This new NPC can be found in the Dungeon Entrance!

    ➡ Quest [Unique] Acquire the Title Ticket (Humiliated) Level requirement: 1

    Roselia requires you to obtain
    100x Consign Coin, x1 God of War Certificate, x1 Trascendental Legacy & Title Ticket Steward

    Trascendental Legacy is an item from NPC Obel, this means that you can obtain it in the(Fishing Hole.).

    <Trascendental Legacy>

    As a reward for completing the quest you will receive your<Title Ticket - Humiliated>.

    <Title Ticket - Humiliated>

    *Stats: HP +5000, PvP Attack: +1%.

    *This item is not tradable.

    Chain quests:

    4. Consignment Shop! (NPC Mind Avatar!):

    Dare you face the Darkness and reveal the secrets within?
    Prepare for an epic adventure like no other in R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance.

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

    EXTRAS: Click here

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