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    [Newbie Guide 🔰] Leveling (1 - 115)

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Taking your first steps in R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance can be a challenging task, but there are some key tips in order to reach lvl 115 you can consider to make the process easier and more efficient. Here are the 3 ways on how to level up from level 1 to 115 in REV!

    1. Standard Method:
    -- 1.1. Navigation Guide
    -- 1.2. Cassandra Quests
    -- 1.3. Lower LvL Of Gratt Underground
    -- 1.4. Minor Elemental Dungeon
    -- 1.5. Upper LvL Of Gratt Underground

    2. Fast Methods:
    -- 2.1. Via 500B EXP Pouch
    -- 2.2. Blazing Temple EXP Pouch

    ➡ 1) Standard Method: Lvl 1 to 115

    1. For 90-115 nothing beats Minor Elemental Dungeon Exp (apart from Upper which does a great job, even Ashkeena)

    2. For that level range the armor doesn't influence that much. All you need is a Ferkhen/Tali/Opaniel Weapon and IP Stones on them.

    Important Tips:

    T1) With the crones obtained from the farm, you can purchase EXP Pouches from players to even speed up the process or God of Fragments to make 500B Exp Pouch (Sends you to 115+3 from lvl 82).

    T2). XP Scrolls and Seals both solo & party are a great way to increase the XP you obtain (again these only work for monsters you or your party kills) (Solo seals and scrolls DO work in a party)

    T3). Last but not least, by far the easiest way to level up is to join a party of strong players inside a mirror dungeon. You can be level 100 in no time and even 115 will be fast. This is faster and easier than any other way described below but it does require you to pay Crones to someone to boost you, or to have a strong character yourself with which your alternate character can party.

    ➡ Video Tutorial: Click here

    ➡ Video Tutorial 2: LvL Up & Crones Guide: Click here

    ➡ 2) Fast Methods: Lvl 1 to 115

    2.1) 500B Exp Pouch:

    ➡ Quests: 500B EXP Pouch Quest Level requirement: 1

    ※Start by gathering enough God of Fragements, you will need 125 to make 1 EXP Pouch.

    ※Talk first to Qrri at the Fishing Hole.

    ※Take ALL THE QUESTS he offers in exchange for your God-Fragents for Divine Decisions and Divine Decisions for Divine Essence. First two quests exchange them one by one, the last two quests exchange them in bulk (50 at the time).

    ※When you have obtained Divine Essence x5 talk to Santin and take the quest shown below:

    IMPORTANT: If you plan to do Cassandra's quests, you need to level 1-100(max). (Do the quest before using your pouch).

    Also: Make sure to take the right quest as you'll otherwise convert materials back to the previous tier, with a loss in materials.

    ※You'll now have obtained the 500B XP Pouch, you can use it instantly, it has a 3-day cooldown which gives you time to gather supplies again for the next one.

    Note: Is possible to use the quests from Santin to break down bound essence from a main character into tradable God-Fragments to create XP Pouches on your alts.

    2.2) Blazing Temple EXP Pouch:

    -- Increased the drop rate of <Essence of Flame> and <Crimson Flame> in Blazing Temple!
    -- Blazing Temple Box Update: <Flame Temple's Treasure Box>

    <Flame Temple's Treasure Box>

    Here are the things you can get from it:

    Note: You can also obtain the Blazing Temple EXP Pouch in kiosks for a quite good crones price. (Use "F" Function)

    ➡ Video Tutorial (Fast Leveling Methods): Click here

    Credits to our Ambassador for his help on this guide!

    We will post more methods soon (upcoming updates)!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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