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    [System Event] Joshimaro's Darkest Secrets

    Winners - 1st Category (Please send us a ticket indicating the costume of your choice)

    - Akiacraft

    - Claveina

    Winners - 2nd Category (Rewards have been already sent.)

    - Picler
    - Avatariuz
    - Ricad
    - Ravleen
    - Alluka77
    - Skadinovios
    - Yejikyung

    - Richburn
    - Goodfather23
    - Kuskillkau
    - Shaizi
    - Servais
    - Arcanez
    - Mokzy

    Winners - 3rd Category (Rewards have been already sent.)

    - Genjyx
    - Skopar
    - Greentwins
    - Luckyaf
    - Ezzatleho
    - Blackbrilliance
    - Mire
    - Iskra
    - Yukechan
    - Kimsabuu
    - Selestia
    - Lh44
    - Runkatz
    - Angwen
    - Caeno
    - Beautycandy
    - Assist4
    - Kumiku
    - Markblossom
    - Sukisukii
    - Brightlight
    - Dormomu
    - Xhingxhingjr
    - Goldboxes
    - Skoz
    - Aslicraft
    - Xuwe
    - Lamiyan
    - Glowmorning
    - Assachan

    - Xiaofashi
    - Master88chef
    - Rayya
    - Yelan
    - Nice4ever
    - Kubomkan
    - Kaiguo
    - Energeiz
    - Kass
    - Bad4ever
    - Montera
    - Katiya
    - Ricora
    - Gruberova
    - Radetzky


    2nd Category Prize: 01 Ranael's XG Weapon Box
    3rd Category Prize: 02 Vulcanu's Spring

    Any brave soul who attempts to exploit the support platform to obtain rewards that they haven't won should prepare themselves for a ban.

    If you find any issues please send a ticket!


    Thank you for your attention.

    Seal B.O.D. Team
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    Hi GM,
    i can login and go to server and select character. but i cant start (enter the shiltz). the announcement said the server already up. is it my problem only?

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    hi Gm Please change to minimum lv 272 for event participate

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    As usual, you are implementing your "easy-way-out" cheats from the event buy nonetheless it is very unfair for those who are non-cheaters and below the fame and level requirements to participate. Are you NOT bother about the feelings of those genuine clean players who also enjoy participating in your events in SEAL BoD??

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    I don't mind grinding Fame to 250k. Since the event requirement is too high, Please Reduce the Lv Req. to 251 if you want to make more player come back into this game.

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    can't enter the game, im stuck at server selection

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    Boom You must be lvl 275 as minimun level to participate. Fame I still understand but lvl ? I am still 272 Hiks T.T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mocast View Post
    can't enter the game, im stuck at server selection
    Yeah...same here with some of my friends too.
    GM, can you please address this URGENTLY??

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    I like the idea of ​​increasing lv requirements, because Seal BoD has a level cap of 300 and it's been almost 2 years since the update, and many players (especially the really active ones) has leveled up to at least lv280, moreover it's been made easier with the auto hunt potiions feature.

    Then why do so many dislike this requirements? because most player have a lot account and want to exploit the event.

    If someone says they can't level up because they're not strong enough at RTV, come on there's a Candy map, before GX DDI it's like nowadays (there's only GX Ali), lots of player lv300 from Candy

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    A level requirement of 275 is unreasonable, especially for new players. The game's events are intended for all players, not just a select few or only veteran players. Therefore, please reconsider, GM. If 275 is required for participation in RTV or Candy, what about users who do not meet the RTV requirement? Should they not be allowed to participate in the event? Please think carefully about this.

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