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    Hi GM, please reduce the level of requirement to 200, I'm a returning player, and can't join this event, its very sad T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by libao View Post
    I like the idea of ​​increasing lv requirements, because Seal BoD has a level cap of 300 and it's been almost 2 years since the update, and many players (especially the really active ones) has leveled up to at least lv280, moreover it's been made easier with the auto hunt potiions feature.

    Then why do so many dislike this requirements? because most player have a lot account and want to exploit the event.

    If someone says they can't level up because they're not strong enough at RTV, come on there's a Candy map, before GX DDI it's like nowadays (there's only GX Ali), lots of player lv300 from Candy

    Bruh, Bro recently there have many comeback (& new) players who haven't played this game for 2 years or even longer, and some of them haven't even reached level 272 yet.

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    the event has more require for join. so, I quit this game slowly, thank you GM

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    Hi GM, would you mind change the requirement to 200.000 fame and level 272? a lot of new players cant keep up with this requirements. Many thanks for your attention.

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    the game is already more complex and the events are also more complex
    hey GM, we play seal BOD because we want to have fun not get a heavier burden

    GM, you should try to create a character (no equipment and no cegel) then join this event, so you GMs will know how tough your requirements are

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    joshimaro lost ticket should be chosen by player to char they want, not 1st char login (when reset time)...or joshimaro lost ticket can be transfer to bank

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    [For Advance Player Only] Joshimaro's Darkest Secrets
    if you new player / comeback / or player dont have equip and power to reach level 275 then to bad, maybe you are not target audience, the event only target advance and hardcore player only
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    I'm stuck in lv 272, I guess I'm out from this event. So sad TT
    (Imagine 4 years old account but fail to join this event hahahha)
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    Please Rise the requirement level From 275 to 281
    Because we still can collect the Letter and the math and still can exchange it before 6 Jun 2023
    Logicly when we collect the math from monster we still get the experience.
    so why make the level requirement so low ??
    base on my experience I can get lvl 0 to 272 in one day and 272 to 281 in 2 days @_@
    so 1 month time is long enough to reach 281

    Please Rise the Fame requirement too from 250k to 400k at least.
    because to get 400k is easy too.
    we just need doing Sevis Central mision Quest = 200k fame
    and then doing Epsd 1 and Epsd 2 Quest = 250k Fame
    Just need 2 days to 3 day to complete it.

    Please dont believe with player using Comeback Player / NewComer Player as excuse
    Player using this excuse just want exploit the event.

    Make the requirement more high please ^_^
    So The game will have more active player

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    get higher requirement? = more active player? where? when?
    increase the level requirement = people just AFK Hunt on RTV and Candy 24hour using GX potion
    increase the fame requirement = people just AFK hunt letter on handrock ,dr doo , etc etc
    so the question is where and when increase the event requirement = more active player?
    now the problem when you increase the level requirement for the event, first new player cant participate the event and 2nd only people who have good equipment can participate since you need to leveling at candy and RTV and "Comeback Player / NewComer Player as excuse
    Player using this excuse just want exploit the event" how do we know you as an advance player not exploit the event since you can level 0-281 in 3 days per character?

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