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    Mar 2022

    Valentine’s Meme Contest

    Greetings, Shiltzians!

    It’s been quite a while since the last Contest, and we know you were missing it
    Feel free to roast everything you can *giggles*, while it lasts.
    We want to make you smile and laugh out loud with this community event!

    In this event, we encourage you to make a meme about the game.
    Those submissions who combine jokes about the game and in-game couple situations will get extra consideration.
    The funniest one will win.

    1. Create/make a meme about the game, an in-game couple or both.
    2. Upload it to this thread and post your Character name and server.
    3. The GMs will choose the TOP 3 based on the funniest submissions.
    4. Just 1 meme per account.

    1st Place: 5,000 Rps + Joker Face + Jikael Polymorph Potion.
    2nd Place: 3,000 Rps + Evil Face + Samael Polymorph Potion.
    3rd Place: 2000 Rps + Shy Face + Ancient Skeleton Knight Polymorph Potion.

    For all participants:
    - Fishing EXP (8 Hours) (Untradeable).
    - [Compensation] Pet Feeding bag (7 Days).
    - 50 Roses.

    You have from today February 1st - 15th to submit your meme.
    The rewards will be sent during February 16th.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team^^
    The People's GM.

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    Trust me, there are many of them like this in-game.
    But its good to love yourself actually. So yeah, happy valentine day for those who love "yourself" as well.

    IGN: Igukgukguk
    Server: Duran
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    You are GOAT if you can do this to your girlfriend at valentine day.

    IGN: Myguk
    Server: Duran

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    Don't take it to heart, have a nice valentine ^^

    Server: Duran
    IGN: Quenbi
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    IGN : Moxu
    Server : Duran

    A meme about my character's unrequited love. Maybe other shiltzians can also relate?? XD

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    Server : Duran
    IGN : Qyumi

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    IGN : Rayqueen
    Server : Duran

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    Happy Valentine everyone
    IGN : Haruu
    Server : Arus
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    IGN: Bongoll
    Server: Duran

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    I guess, its not only me the one who surprised about this twist:

    IGN: Takamichika
    Server: Duran
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