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    Quote Originally Posted by wongsalto99 View Post
    Hi GM Tokage,

    I believe after refining the lolita to XG you cannot refine the costume.
    I believe this is also a bug ?
    Hello wongsalto99!

    Yes! its been already reported to dev team.
    Thank you everyone.

    Best regards,
    -Seal BOD Team-
    For Someone's Glory Not For One's Own Glory

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    can't at lvl 270 to get BnS Dragon suit? for beginners it is very difficult to reach 280, because the equipment is not enough

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    I can't possibly do it because until now I'm only level 273. One day playing 5 hours. ��

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    its hard to reach lv 280 to get BnS for me newbie player doesnt have enough much power gear

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    Hi GM, is that God Dragon's Suit tradable? Its cannot stored in bank @@
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    please fix it, this event is not for OP players, but for newbies too. GM have also created a 1id 1char rule that can participate in events. what cost GM untrade equip problem?
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    Isn't the level jump event too hard for beginners? It is extremely difficult to get 271, getting 300 is even more difficult.

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    They probably have no idea how hard is it to get lvl up from 272 to 300. Even for my old chara with decent equip took whole week auto hunt non stop to lvl up 5 lvl, and my spot keep getting distrupted by some dickhead. It never gonna be newbie-friendly event anymore cuz GM too affraid to get exploit.

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    not even give police suit or one punch anymore, pure newbie can't do anything after reach 272. smh.

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    GM, make an EXP boost until the end of the level jump event, please.

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