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    Quote Originally Posted by TokageGM View Post
    Hello rio533!

    We have confirmed this issue and reported it to dev team.
    We ask you to kindly wait patiently.
    Thank you for mentioning it.

    Best regards,
    -Seal BOD Team-
    I'm just curious on what rate to get CsC.dg top.
    Is it the same with corrupted lucifer seal? If so, maybe can I ask it to change my CsC.dg to that
    This is just still maybe, alright. LOL

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    @GM who won?

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    Greetings Shiltzians!

    Congratulations to the winners of this event:

    Fastest Shiltzians
    - D**k***z - Duran
    - E****a***n - Duran
    - L***k - Arus

    Lucky Shiltzians
    - A***x- Duran
    - D****g***g - Duran
    - N**t - Duran
    - B***k*****6 - Duran
    - M***o - Duran
    - L*****t - Duran

    Your rewards have been sent to your characters.

    Thanks for participating
    GM M3rmaid

    Love Seal <3
    Seal B.O.D Team

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    my all mystic dust is missing after maintenance.. T,T . oh my...

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    gm is the event already ended? how come all my mystic dust (more than 1800pcs) is gone after maintenance today??

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    i dont know if this is intentional or not but if it is intentional i think you should have given a notice before doing this kind of things because there are ppls that worked hard collecting these powders just to get them deleted beflre the event even ended

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    is it a mistake or what? we need an explanation!

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    my 8 stacks mystic dust is mystical

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    I really never been this disappointed before, i got lost 7s mystic dust, what a joke GM?

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    OMG my 4stack 300pcs mystic dust, mystic dust will remove in 6th december 2022 not 29 november 2022

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