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    Streaming Seal BoD Every Time

    Hi guys let me introduce my self, I'm player of seal Blades of Destiny in Server Duran and Arus. In Game NickName

    Im Always Use
    Goodhand23 (Berseker)
    Goodmood23 (Assassin)
    Goodfeet23 (Archer)
    Goodtime23 (Chef)

    Goodjoker23 (Gambler)
    Gooddoctor23 (Templar)
    Palumagic (Artisan)

    Goodhands23 (Chef)
    Goodstuff23 (Gunner)

    Im Always do streaming in my youtube channel Goodhand23

    There a vidio about Refining, Hunting, Dungeon, Build Status and Skill of my Character

    Hope you guys Subscribe like comment and Share my youtube


    If Any questions can Contact me in discord


    Thanks all ^_^ Seal With Love
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    Dont forget to Subscribe Guyss

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    Dont Forget to Join my Community Discord for Seal Online Player Link Up Up Up

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