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    Quote Originally Posted by cmbuatraid View Post
    What a waste of time .. seriously
    after all the spending RPS events, I do hope Seal BOD team hire better communication team or public relation or you know that kind of job that communicate the policy to the audience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moulista View Post
    Prevent from inflation >.<

    Seriously even if I kept getting those cegel rewards from trading 90 Shiltgizers (assuming I have good luck rather getting those useless polymorph rewards), it still not worth at all.

    I mean the drop rate is legit very low and it took almost a day for AFK fishing without using any of those golden hook IM or stuff like that.

    If I really want cegels, imo its better me hunt on Malicen's for their equipment/weapon drops and sell those to stuff NPC, with 1 full day I could get more than full inventory multiple times and of course the cegel benefit is far better profit than doing fishing AFK for almost nothing.

    Prevent inflation is the dumbest excuses of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TsukimiDango View Post
    Are you guys sure didnt want to increase shiltzgizer rate? Its too hard compared to moza cheese that I collect up to 3600 pcs/1 day full of autohunting at candy village(although the prize become ass). Do we have to be this suffered to enjoy the event, even tho the prize is looks good all i got was polymorp and 1 pcs ancient god costume which kinda meh.
    Greetings TsukimiDango,

    Please be informed that we have already made the request regards the rate of the Shiltzgizer several times during the event and we will do it again.
    However, we would like to remind you that GMs are not developers and can't change the decision of the dev. team, we hope your comprehension regards this matter and this experience will be taken as good feedback for future system events.


    Seal BOD Team

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    Greetings Shiltzians!

    We are very honored to present you with the Shiltz Competition Ranking:

    Top 1: Cat007 [Send us a ticket in order to claim your desired costume selection [all-in-one]

    Top 2nd - 5th:

    Top 6th - 10th:

    Seal B.O.D Team^^

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