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    Human job change to defender bug

    I encountered a bug in the human change to defender job. When I tried to open the aged wooden crate in ahkma cave, the message no key for the box is shown. By right there is not any key for the crate.

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    Greetings nstarnude.

    * NPC Humphrey will tell you to investigate the Mossy Statue Stone at Dawn Lake (Dharvegawan) and obtain the Pendant of Edwin

    *After delivering the Pendant of Edwin to NPC Humphrey, it will give you the master key and the player must report It to Istvan Baileys.

    *Here, you must defeat 1 Nheias and 4 ManDrake.

    *After defeating them, the player will report it to NPC Istvan Baileys

    Congratulations! You are now a Defender!

    IMPORTANT:Some of the quests won't work if you're in a party. If you need more guide in-depth about this please: Click here

    Best regards
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