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Thread: Pink problem

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    Pink problem

    maybe its time 2fix this? im gettin pink just by killing mobs (happen 2times) lol
    and i dont mention about pvp i hit pink i become pink wtf?

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    Either stop holding the control button down and make sure your hotkeys are in order (shortcut Y) to make sure you're not accidentally holding PK engage button down, relog as it may be a temporary bug, go to the coliseum and purposely kill yourself and see if it refreshes, delete your .set files to see if there was a bug there somehow, and/or contact the GM's about the issue and they'll probably be able to help you out (if the problem still persists after logging out).

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    You shouldnt get pink by hitting mobs. Do you have your ctrl button pressed and do you aoe?
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    watching yur gf neked
    you can even get pink by attacking your pt member
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    Got problem with the pinkTaco hu ?
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