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    Betcha can't find me
    Buckcherry Highway Star cover

    Ralph Macchio vs Steve Voi Guitar Duel (Crossroads)

    This last one brings back memories from a long time ago . (Old Fart Music)
    My Homeboys (Rush) played a free concert in front of Toronto's City Hall one year for "Weedless Wednesday" (1981 IIRC)

    To me "Gun Control" means using both hands to shoot it.

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    Zombie ~ Bad Wolves (Cover/ Rewrite/ w.e (I say rewrite due to some of the lyrics being slightly changed)) These guys did this song justice. It's magic.

    Lost Boys anyone? Cry Little Sister is basically the theme song from the movie and altho the original will always be one of my fave songs from any movie/ movie soundtrack, I have to say MM smashed this. He made it even more dramatic, moody, sexy, and just fking hot....His voice melts me.

    When you wake up..
    I'll be a story in your head,
    But that's ok.
    We are all stories in the end.

    Just make it a good one eh?
    Because it was, you know.
    It was the best.

    ~ The Doctor.

    MsAbella ~ Priest

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