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    Quote Originally Posted by TokageGM View Post
    Greetings Shiltzians!

    The image has been updated to match with the Tokage's giftbox contents modification that was mentioned in Patch Notes.
    We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience but these changes were carried out to prevent cegel inflation and dummy/cheaters abusing the box.

    Best regards,
    -Seal BoD Team-
    Is the criteria to get letter (Lv250+ 150k fame) is not enough to prevent the dummies/exploiters??

    If in the end it's not enough to prevent that, then why not just remove it please?
    At least you're allowing new players to enjoy the event rewards. Not like these days, you put such a high criteria (lv 250+ with 150k fame) for the newbies, yet still passable by the dummy/cheaters/exploiters.

    For real, from which players did you prevent people to participating in this event? From cheaters? or from genuine new players who did nothing wrong??

    What's the point of all those Lv 250+ 150k rep requirements??? So dumb.

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    Also rather changing the rewards from cegels into lasagna/cheese, why not just remove the cegel rewards and replace it with extra boogey costumes?

    The boogey costumes are untradable, having multiple costume of that will be useless and nobody can exploits it right?

    That boogey costume were the worst rewards in the previous reward list, and now you're changing it with bear costume (which equally bad) and adding extra troll results with lasagna cheese thing.

    Or how about this?? You can keep the cegel rewards, but change the drop rate from common into very rare, or equally rare as IDW FDW rewards. Isn't that more fair? You don't need to be afraid of inflation thing if the cegel rewards was so rare right??

    Rather getting those brain food lasagna cheese useless things, it's just beyond stupid imo.

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    its useless to change the drop rate, because we have Autohunting Potion for free, only daily login and you get free autohunt, isn't that really exploitable ?
    dear gm, you should make the Autohunting Potion available on Item Mall then make those also tradeable, so the economic will flow, rps will be spend to buy those Potion, and other player can buy with cegel also if those tradeable item.

    only level 272 above who need autohunting potion !
    lvl 1 to 271 realy easy, especially there was Seal Road Map to help new player.

    especially we can't tell the difference between who player using cheat and who are not !! cheater using cheat+autohunting potion !! so we can't tell the difference !if autohunting potion only available on item mall this secenario will not valid ! because we have to spend to get autohunt potion, and ofcoure it will be lowering the exploiter !

    for people those who complaining why seal korean have a great rewards ? it's because seal korean doen't have autohunt potion !! you need to manual hunting to get Event Item !!

    Quote Originally Posted by only for indonesian player
    Event terlalu gampang mengeluh, terlalu susah komplain, mau lu semua apa sebenernya ?
    Last edited by beargals; 08-06-2022 at 12:14 AM. Reason: add note for ID player

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks to GM. After MT until now tokage box full of garbage. Love you GM

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmbemChan View Post
    alright if you want to change the contents of the Box it's ok, but there is no need to lower the Cheese drop rate either, at this time to get 240 Cheese alone is very difficult, plus a worse prize, where is the fun of the event? we play games for fun didn't we ? but with the reward given with the effort required is really not worth it, at least give something useful, event requirements require lv251, but give something for low level, sigh..., at least give Police/Night Keeper Set, that item is untradeable right, but at least it is enough to help new players
    yeah in before, 1 potion GX (24h) could give me more than 1 stack cheese (600+). which means if i was busy and couldn't login/use my PC to do auto hunt, i can use those extra cheese for tomorrow/next letter, which really convenient. (you see, not everyone gonna keep doing AFK/hunt in their PC for 24/7)

    but after the update, now 1 potion GX (24h) only gave me barely 240 cheese on the exact same hunt spot.. which yeah it still enough to be traded for 3 letters, but after trading all of it, all i got was bear costume or those stupid cheese lasagna/brain food etc.

    why i even bother participate in this stupid event? spending 24 hour for 3 cheese?? or that 3 bear costume that were being thrown by people on elim town?? are you joking??

    all i wanted is just those cute costumes, which i haven't got any of those yet, and now all the drop rates were changed to the worst. just because the GM is so afraid with cegel inflation hoax???

    thanks GM, never stop trolling and make your players angry.

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    Let's hope the Staff take heed to the players' complaints.. but I really doubt so!

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    where is the Raffle winner list?

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    Where to see the raffled winner list?

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    Playwith Staff SpynoGM's Avatar
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    Mar 2022

    Tokage's Bonus Event Raffle - Winners List

    Greetings Shiltzians!

    Here you can fin the full winners list from Tokage's Bonus Event Raffle sortered by server:

    Congratulations Winners!

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D Team^^

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    Oh wow, ggaw1 ggaw2 and ggaw3.. Are u sure those are not alternate account? Hmmmm

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