Greetings Rohanians!

We are pleased to inform everyone that starting from June 28th post maintenance we will be having our greatest boost ever until August 2nd.
We are by no means joking, read below to check out what does Eternal Vengeance Boost provides!

Elemental Dungeon Boost:

Rohanians will be able to enter twice a day to all elemental dungeon dificulties!

777 Boost:

Elemental dungeon roulette 777's reward will instead provide a 777 Elemental dungeon box of the corresponding dificulty (minor,intermediate or superior)

This box will give you a Sealed Book of the begining and an EXP Pouch corresponding to the dificulty of the elemental dungeon!

Power Arena Boost:

For the duration of the event the power arena will provide more rewards according to the table below.

Hunting Bonus Boost:

Once you fill the bar you will be able to claim the Hunting Bonus 2.0 which now is slightly different than the last time.

When opening the Hunting Bonus Box 2.0 you may get Time jewel x4, 6, 7 or very rarely a Fantasy Armor Enhancement Stone.

Time Jewels are used to do Orlin's Quests.
For more information regarding Orlin's Quests use the following link: Click here

Ashkeena Dungeon Boost:

Unexpected isn't it? for the duration of the event you will be able to obtain the items below from ashkeena dungeon although some are rarer than others!

Crimson Blood Stone x1
Rohan Day Special Scroll x1
New Year's Blessing Scroll (3H) x1

Enjoy the boosts and happy farming Rohanians!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
Vengeance Never Ends