Greetings, Rohanians!

On this post you will be able to find news regarding events and content.

The following contents has been conducted during our Maintenance:

⭐ Rohanian Login Meetup! - Special Login Event.
⭐ Scratch Season 16 - Start. For more info: Click here
⭐ New Buff Scrolls:
-Rage Unleashed Scroll
-Steel Body Scroll
-Dragon Skin Scroll
⭐ New Character item event - Start.
⭐ Township Battle Costume - Updated.

⭐ Scratch Season 15 - End.
⭐ Enjoy the summer - Playtime Event - End.

⭐ Enjoy the summer - Playtime Event - Reward supplied.
⭐ Ruler's Heart Exchange.

⭐ Week Sales. For more info: Click here
⭐ New Buff Scrolls will be on our Weekend Sales.
⭐ New 4 socket costumes will be added.

⭐ Katar Mastery(Avenger/Predator) : Damage formula changed - Increased crit % for Predator.

We are working on a new class balance,new content, items and to fix errors.
We would like to hear your suggestions and if you find any issue, please remember to report it through the Ticket Platform.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
-R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
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