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    Let's take a look at gm's approach

    Let's take a look at gm's approach.
    I bought Jikael of Chaos Greatsword.XG+9 at market price of 950 million. GM says it's illegally refined. They removed my weapon. But doesn't give me back the cegel I spent on purchase.
    I would like to know. gm this is right or wrong.
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    is this real. This is so unfair.

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    Why is this happening. It's not your fault.

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    Dear GM

    I think that's so unfair,.. Please reconsider for those decision because the buyer can't verify is that legal refine or not when they making transaction,..


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    yes. Why is this happening. It is recommended that gm reconsider the above decision. . This is so chilling

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    new GM management is BAD. We dont know what item is ilegal or not, and yet GM Remove the item that player buy and not Compensate the price player spend on buying those item,.
    i mean if GM want remove is OK, but If player buy it with cegel or item / item mall by trade what so ever, GM should give back ALL the item use for trade.
    few years ago old GM do this for item that SCAMED or ilegal, gm remove it, and compensate all the item that used to buy.

    but now GM kinda lazy and just remove item, blindly.
    HOW we know where the item from?is that illegal item or not? why this game not safe by player? this GM decision is Bad and disapointing.
    this make seal BOD player just lost the item with out compensation. so stupid.and lazy how this handled. not recomend to play this game with this kind of management.
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    Wow, one GM edited fchrulrz comment but not bother answering

    big question though, why don't they remove it when the weapon is owned by the seller? why remove after the illegal weapon sold to others?

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    First of all, we do not discuss confidential information publicly, as the GM Team cannot respond properly without releasing personal information from the user. This is why I edited some comments here. If any player has a concern regarding their case or any issue, we invite you to send us a ticket to clarify as much as possible the situation.

    That being said, the HnC hacked equipment is a very complex issue that we are still dealing with. We cannot share any information regarding this to prevent alerting cheaters and users who have taken advantage of this issue.

    Be sure that every case in been analyzed individually, we do not take the same resolution for all the cases.
    For the GM Team, there is no margin of doubt whether a weapon has been illegally refined or not.
    If the user chooses to lie regarding the way he got access to the weapon, the investigation is terminated immediately and no compensation is provided.

    We handle all equipment cases with special care and can tell if the user has been aware that was supporting illegal actions or not. The GM Team only acts on confirmed information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke1606 View Post
    Wow, one GM edited fchrulrz comment but not bother answering

    big question though, why don't they remove it when the weapon is owned by the seller? why remove after the illegal weapon sold to others?
    yes, gm should be do this job when fresh, a few days after this happen, not like 3-4 months AFTER, then remove the item. player seal BOD already have and BUY/ Trade with CEGEL/ items/ item mall. GM Remove and not compensate them so disapointing.

    when we ask GM to check that Transaction, GM the one asking us the DEETAILS months Ago, how can we know the details? what ign and when trade also dont know, we play this game for Fun, safe , and enjoyment. not to remember something useless like that.

    this new GM's works different from old GM, old gm better to handle something like this.

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    Well, in your case, i stand with GM. Cause GM was softly said to "stay away" from HnC weapon G to XG. And many user have warn other player to not buying hnc at this time. And i believe u are not dumb enough to believe that HnC weapon XG priced at 950 mil cause VSTB at Market priced at 200m++ each��

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