Greetings Rohanians!

This time we will have a coupon, a boost, a 1 RPs Box, RPs Spent and a GM Mystery Box!

We have an extra announcement, this weekend we will have a better EXP Boost and our GM Mystery Box have been upgraded so don't miss it!

Our activities are:

⭐ Exp: 300%
⭐ Drop: 250%
⭐ Forging: 60% increased success rate
⭐ Refinement: 60% increased success rate
⭐ Reinforcement (Crafted item): 60% increased success rate
⭐ Enhancement (Forged item): 60% increased success rate.

⚠️ Boosts do not work with Recycle System or NPC Marche.
⚠️ Boosts are based on the success rate. In NPCs, the boost is directly applied.
⚠️ Boosts events do not provide flat values, if the base success chance is 10%, with a 60% boost it would provide 6% additional success chance.
⚠️ Boost available from May 20th PDT until 22th 23:59 PDT Time

⭐ 9000 RPs > Rare Preservation Stone(IM) x2 + 777 Minor Experience Pouch x3
⭐ 16000 RPs > +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12) + 777 Intermediate Experience Pouch x3
⭐ 19000 RPs > +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +15) + 777 Superior Experience Pouch (200 Billions EXP) x3
⭐ 21000 RPs > Exclusive Abradant (10%) x1

• Rewards are cumulative.
• The RPs spent in Royal Sword and Vengefull Scatch will count.
• Rewards are limited per account. Once you have spent the maximum amount indicated, you will not receive more rewards for spending more.
• For account first purchase, Paypal account must be confirmed through Billing Team.
• RPs obtained from events will not be considered for the event.
• Starts on May 20th at 00:00 PDT until May 22th 23:59 PDT Time.
• The rewards will be distributed during May 23th PDT Time.

Do you still desire even more rewards? We know you all can’t get enough!
What are you waiting for? Go to our website and claim them by using the code weekendsalesL20/05

Coupon code: weekendsalesL20/05
Coupon content:
⭐ Rohan Day Special Scroll x1
⭐ New Year's Blessing Scroll (3H) x5
⭐ Holy Teardrop x 5
⭐ Golden Monkey - 3 days x1
⭐ 400% Growth Seal(2H) x2

The code will be available until May 22th 23:59 PDT Time

Coupon code: weekendsalesL20/05
To redeem the rewards submit the coupon code.

1 RP Box content:

⭐ Sealed Hunter Kit (72Hr) x1
⭐ Sealed Party Drop Seal - 1 D x3
⭐ Life Extension Scroll (3Hr) x3

*Know that this Package is for Limited time only during the event.
*You can only get one per account
*Make sure to create your character before purchasing

This box will be available until May 22th 23:59 PDT Time

GM Mystery Box contains 1 random item from the list below:

⭐ +1 Enhancement Ticket Up to 10 Enhancement (IM)
⭐ 100% Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone (IM)
⭐ Enhancement Abradant (IM)
⭐ Source of life
⭐ Absolute Magic Stone
⭐ Talisman Refine Dye
⭐ 100% Skill Enhancement Stone
⭐ Rare Preservation Stone(IM)
⭐ Armor Reinforcement Stone VI
⭐ Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI
⭐ Super Lucky Reinforced Abrasive (+25%)
⭐ Origin of Transcendence (+15 Confirm Stat)
⭐ +1 Enhancement Ticket(Max +18)

*Know that this Box is for Limited time only during the event.
*Make sure to create your character before purchasing

This box will be available until May 22th 23:59 PDT Time

On this occasion, we bring several surprises:

⭐ [Limited Sale] +1 Ticket Up to 10 Enhancement
⭐ [Limited Sale] Title Ticket - Dragon Soul
⭐ [Limited Sale] Hero's Seal Package (15D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Sealed Talisman of Super Tenacity (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Sealed Talisman of Super Versatility (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Sealed Talisman of Tenacity (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Super Lucky Reinforced Abrasive (+ 25%)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Hero's Seal Package (7D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] 100% Skill Enhancement Stone
⭐ [Limited Sale] Champion's Seal Package (15D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Special Pattern : Attack (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Special Pattern : Defense (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Ash'kelen's Spirit Stone VI : ATT Power (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] T-Ashkeena's Spirit Stone : Penetrate DD (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Ruler's Pattern : PVP Attack (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Ruler's Pattern : PVP Defence (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Ruler's Pattern : PVE Attack (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Ruler's Pattern : EXP Bonus (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Master's Pattern : Skill Attack (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Master's Pattern : Skill Defence (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Master's Pattern : EXP Bonus (30D)
⭐ [Limited Sale] Frozen Feather Bag
⭐ [Limited Sale] Absolute Magic Stone
⭐ [Limited Sale] Roles of a Guild Master
⭐ [Limited Sale] Fine amulet dye
⭐ [Limited Sale] Opaniel Box
⭐ [Limited Sale] Talisman Seal Scroll
⭐ [Limited Sale] Mystery Package
⭐ [Limited Sale] T-Ashhart's Spirit Stone : All Status (30D)

⭐ [Limited Sale] Absolute Magic Package
* Absolute Magic Stone x 30

⭐ [Limited Sale] Super Lucky Madness 2.0
* Super Lucky Reinforced Abrasive (25%) x3
* Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI x1

⭐ [Limited Sale] Exp to Impress
* Title Ticket - Casanova
* Harmony Seal (IM - 15D)
* 100% Unity Seal (IM - 15D)
* Sealed Growth Seal (15D, 100%)
* Blessing Seal (IM - 15D)

⭐ [Limited Sale] Up Up Exp Package
* Harmony Seal (IM - 15D)
* 100% Unity Seal (IM - 15D)
* Sealed Growth Seal (15D, 100%)
* Blessing Seal (IM - 15D)

⭐ [Limited Sale] Power Leveling Package
* 400% Growth Seal(2H) X12
* 200% Growth Scroll (IM - 2Hr) X12

⭐ [Limited Sale] 100% ASES x7 + 3
* 100% Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone (IM) x10

Know that these items are for Limited time only and will be available until May 22th 23:59 PDT.

⚡ 90% OFF
[Sale] Swift Warrior's Scroll (IM-1Hr)
[Sale] Strong Warrior's Scroll (IM-1Hr)
[Sale] Sharp Warrior's Scroll (IM-1Hr)
[Sale] Fancy Warrior's Scroll (IM-1Hr)
[Sale] Bright Warrior's Scroll (IM-1Hr)

⚡ 50% OFF
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Critical (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Penetrate DEF (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Penetrate DD (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Absorb Health (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Health (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Magic Attack (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Ranged Attack (30D)
[Sale] S-Guarder Spirit Stone: Melee Attack (30D)
[Sale] S-Shield Spirit Stone: Damage Drop (30D)
[Sale] S-Shield Spirit Stone: Chance of Stun Res (30D)
[Sale] S-Shield Spirit Stone: Absorb Mana (30D)
[Sale] S-Shield Spirit Stone: Health (30D)
[Sale] S-Shield Spirit Stone: Magic Attack (30D)
[Sale] S-Shield Spirit Stone: Melee Attack (30D)

⚡ 20% OFF
[Sale] Travel Food Pack (IM - 15D)
[Sale] Travel Food Pack (IM - 7D)
[Sale] Source of life
[Sale] Natu's pattern: Range Attack - 30D
[Sale] Natu's pattern: Melee Attack - 30D
[Sale] Natu's pattern: Magic Attack - 30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: VIT - 30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: STR - 30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: PSY - 30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: INT - 30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: DEX - 30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: AGI - 30D
[Sale] Edwin's pattern: Physical Defense - 30D
[Sale] Edwin's pattern: Magical Defense - 30D
[Sale] Kish's pattern: MP - 30D
[Sale] Kish's pattern: HP - 30D
[Sale] Natu's pattern: All Attack -30D
[Sale] Trian's pattern: All Status - 30D

These sales will be available until May 22th 23:59 PDT Time

Check the discount section on the Item Mall here:
**Make sure to buy the items with [Sale] in the name to get the discount**

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
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