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    Curosity question

    ok so ill make this simple months ago you guys posted about things to come graphics updates flame temple both of which have been done at least started i have noticed some graphics tweeks here and there. But what i have heard no more about is this new race that you said was coming before the end of the year, its april the fourth month of the next year and still nothing further on the matter. Is this going to turn out like the halflings did and we never got them because the files were supposedly lost (i believe that as much as i believe that gasoline will be .70 cents tomorrow) for the record. Also it would be greatly advantageous to put some high level mobs on the areas of maps that are currently void of mobs wind rhythm, shattered, ect there Arn't many places to grind and farm high level especally for solo players.

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    Hello ragingredneck, We will add your feedback to our report. About new race we kindly ask to wait, we will post new about it as soon as we get it.

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