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    [Update] Patch Notes 04/05/2022

    Greetings, Rohanians!

    On this post you will be able to find news regarding events and content.

    The following has been conducted during our Maintenance:

    <New Content and Events>

    ⭐ New System Event "FullEgg Alchemist".
    -- New Quests,NPC and more!.
    ⭐ Hunting Bonus Boost Event - Start.
    ⭐ Playtime Event "Alchemist Boost" - Start.
    ⭐ Universal Talisman from +1 to +10 Recipe Update.
    ⭐ New Abradant Stone(Exclusive Abradant(15% and 10%)).


    ⭐ Scratch Season 13 - End.
    ⭐ Monthly Quests - Reset.
    ⭐ Loading Screen Changed.
    ⭐ Power Arena - Boost Event - End.


    ⭐ Premium Season Ticket - Reward Supply - Supplied.
    ⭐ Rohanian Login Meetup!(Current, Returning and new users) - Reward Supply - Supplied.


    ⭐ Weekend Sales. https://bit.ly/35JY0YL


    ⭐ Intermediate Elemental Dungeon Crone Reward.
    ⭐ Superior Elemental Dungeon Crone Reward.
    ⭐ Show Your Skills Quest text updated.
    ⭐ Iron Enigma name changed to Iron Golem.
    ⭐ Giant Etton Start Issue.


    ⭐ We want to hear your thoughts so please write us in all our communication platforms. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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