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    [Ambassador Guide] Warlock Build

    Greeting Rohanians!

    In this guide,you will see a few builds for warlock (PVP/PvE)

    1.0 Utility build (PVP)- more of a “debuff” type build

    1.1 Damage build (PVP)- this build has slightly less “effective” utility skills than the one in 1.0

    2.0 PVE (farming) build

    (For all the builds you are supposed to go full intelligence (INT)).

    1.0 Utility build:

    This build is highly concentrated on putting debuffs that are useful versus your enemy.

    Starting with Break Ability


    Break Ability disables the use of DISORIENT skills (stuns, roots, silences, etc.). As you can see in the screenshot above Break Ability is level 3 that’s because on level 3 the duration of Break Ability is 40 seconds and the CoolDown is 30 seconds, which is enough to have it permanently on your enemy and the other reason is you save 3 skill points by having it on level 3 (with ses) (There are almost no changes in higher-level (4-7) expect the duration)

    The 2nd skill that’s important is Prevent Pet

    Prevent pet disables the effects of your target pet which is good because your enemy will be losing a decent amount of hp/damage/attack speed and so on (depends on the pet he uses). (You can put more points into prevent if you want)

    Next is Level Drop

    Level drop lowers the level of your target damage skills by X amount.

    And for the final 2 skills, we have:



    Ability Drain

    NightMare reduces enemies all attack (melee, magic, and ranged attack) by 50% within an area of effect around your character, the duration is 3 sec but the cooldown of nightmare is 10 seconds which is a decent debuff even though is a short one.

    When casted Ability Drain steals 1.5k (1500) all stats from your target and applies it to you. It’s a really good skill/debuff that weakens your target and buffs you up.

    !Note Ability Drain can be removed with detox, make sure you use anti pot skills before applying it!

    (If you want you can take off all points from magic reflection and spread them into Cold Wave and Taming Mind however you like)
    (You can put SES and ASES on the skills that don’t have them if you want it’s up to you (for cold wave and taming mind is preferable to do)

    1.1Damage build.

    As mentioned above this build has slightly less “effective” debuffs to get more damage output.

    As you can see in the pictures above instead of NightMare you have Snatch.
    With Snatch, you can steal Templars Intelligence Blow/Magic Blow, or Priests Almighty (Self buff) for a bonus to your intelligence and all stats/attack (You will be able to snatch up to 2 buffs unless you have Maid Silva pet which gonna reduce the CD (cooldown) of all skills).

    Unlike the Utility build in this build, we have Strong Mind and Intelligence

    !f you want you can remove 4 points from Strong Mind and put them into magic reflection or any of the debuffs!

    2.0 PVE build (Farming)

    You can choose 1 of the 2 builds from above they are fine for farming as well but what you can do is remove points from skills that won’t be of any use in PvE and then in Wild Pollution and NightMare if you want.

    (Both skills scales of psy so if you don’t have a good amount of all stats from talismans, accessories, pattern the skills won’t be as useful)


    1.0 Utility build

    For Armors you can use Transcended Opaniel, Igniel (ATTACK/DEFENSE) sets, or do a mix between attack and defense igniel set as you like.
    For weapon Transcended Opaniel, Igniel Staff.
    As of Accessories Chakra of Verdict, if you don’t have Chakras, you can use INT pendants (PVP).

    1.1Damage build

    You can use the same gear as in 1.0

    2.0 PVE (Farming) Build

    For this build, you can use either Transcended Onyx set (for the bonus 30% PvE defense) or a mix of Attack and Defense Igniel.
    For weapon Transcended Opaniel, Igniel, Onyx, or even normal Onyx Staff.
    As of Accessories Chakra of Verdict, if you don’t have Chakras, you can use INT pendants (PVE).


    For Armor Sockets you can use ALL STATS and INT or INT and VIT or INT and STUN RESIST on Opaniel Set, and for Igniel set ALL STATS, INT, VIT or ALL STATS, INT, STUN RESIST.


    If you decide to put any stones on your armors for PvE you can put either INT and VIT or INT and ALL STATS.


    If you are using 4sockets- ATTACK (10%) PVP ATTACK (1%) SKILL DMG (4%) and ALL STATS (175)

    If you are using 3sockets- ATTACK (10%) PVP ATTACK (1%) SKILL DMG (4%)

    If some of the patterns above aren’t in the item mall you can replace them with INT and magic attack (4socket) and for 3sockets ALL STATS, MAGIC ATTACK, INT/ALL ATTACK


    1.0 & 1.1

    Magic Attack (IM), Attack Speed (IM), Crit (IM), Mobility, and DD (Damage Drop) Penetrate.

    You can replace the Attack Speed, Crit, with the ones from the IP shop if you want.

    2.0 PVE

    Magic Attack, DD (Damage Drop), Attack Speed, Crit, Hp Absorb

    GUARDER sockets:

    Igniel: Magic Attack, DD (Damage Drop) Penetrate, and Crit.
    Opaniel: Magic Attack and DD (Damage Drop) Penetrate.

    Credits to our Ambassador
    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-Vengece Never Ends
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