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    [Guide] Elemental Dungeon

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here is a guide that will help you know more about the: Elemental Dungeon.

    1. Introduction
    ㄴ What is the Elemental Dungeon
    ㄴ Entry Requirements
    ㄴ How to Enter & Example

    2. Dungeon Lobby
    ㄴ Elemental Dungeon Lobby
    ㄴ Party & Bonus Attributes
    3. Rewards & Items
    ㄴ Elemental Dungeon Roulette
    ㄴ IP Mall
    ㄴ Drops from Mobs & Bosses
    ㄴ EXP Rewards
    4. GM Notes:
    ㄴ ED Resets: Scroll of Challenge & Scroll of Elemental Properties.

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    1. Introduction:

    > What is Elemental Dungeon?

    Explore the Elemental Dungeon, a thrilling stage monster-hunting dungeon teeming with quests to conquer and formidable boss monsters to vanquish. Your reward? Powerful items and EXP await you upon your triumph! There are three levels in Elemental Dungeon: Minor, Intermediate, and Superior.

    > Entry Requirements

    ※Minor Elemental Dungeon can be entered by 1 to 5 players, and Inter and Superior dungeons can be entered by a party of at least 2 players.

    > How to Enter

    You can find the NPCs in the Fishing Hole: Elie, Ray and Mandy. (Entrance is allowed once a day).


    1. Find the respective NPC according to your level and party requirement:

    2. Inside the Dungeon:

    > Elemental Dungeon Lobby

    You will be teleported to a lobby of Minor Dungeon and before starting you will find 5 NPCs: Klazette, Sebastian, Ahisbraham, Burdoch, and Laurie. Each one has unique quests you can complete
    using the mechanics of the dungeon.

    <NPC Klazette>

    Klazette will provide Rohanians unique quests in order to make your Elemental Talisman and Elemental Ruler's Heart!

    ➡ Quest: [One-Time] Elemental Talisman Crafting Level requirement: 90

    This quest requires you to get Persona of Flame x 25, Persona of Earth x25, Persona of Steel x25, Persona of Plant x25,Persona of Glacier x25 and Persona of Typhoon and bring them to Klazette in the Elemental Dungeon Lobby.

    ※ You can obtain the six types of Persona items by defeating monsters in the Elemental Dungeon or as a roulette reward.
    ※ All personas can be dropped regardless of the dungeon attribute, except Persona of Flame does not drop because of the fire attribute.

    Once you do so you will receive a <Sealed Elemental Talisman>.

    Once you unseal the item you will obtain the following stats:

    Elemental Talisman Enhancement (Up to +20)

    Elemental Talisman can be enhanced using Recycling System or with NPC Marche depending on the current level of enhancement of your talisman.

    <NPC Sebastian>

    Sebastian will provide Rohanians a unique quest in order to make a Warrior Talisman!

    ➡ Quest: [Unique] Crafting a Champion's Seal Package! Level requirement: 115

    This quest requires you to get Champion's Seal Fragment x5 and bring them to Sebastian.

    <Champion's Seal Fragment>

    “Champion's Seal Fragment", can be obtained through the quests marked in green (Flame, Glacier, Plant, Steel & Eearth.).

    ※ The Guardian of Hell for each Element appears as a boss monster in the 10th stage of Elemental Inter Dungeon.

    As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive Champion's Seal Package (Permanent).

    Champion's Seal Package (Permanent)

    Here are the things you can get from it:

    *This items are untradable.

    <NPC Laurie>

    *Bulk Quests NOW ADDED!.

    >There are 6 quests in order to get x 1 Elemental Reinforcement Stone, each quests per his respective element. Select the one(s) you want to exchange and repeat the process.

    > Party & Attributes

    The player will also find a chart that contains five elements: Fire, Water, Iron, Earth, and Wood; one of them will be randomly chosen when clicking on "Push". Players can change the elements unlimited times but if the player wants to change the element in the stage, a Scroll with Elemental Properties is needed.

    3. Rewards & Items:

    > Elemental Dungeon Roulette Rewards

    The Elemental Dungeon Roulette will appear in the lobby before starting and will appear again after every cleared floor, you will have a chance to obtain IP tickets, crones, or special items every time you play the roulette. Prizes are only redeemable by the end of the Elemental Dungeon run. A matching icon will increase your reward for that category and pulling three icons of the same category will increase your rewards by twice as much.

    > IP Mall

    The Elemental Dungeon has a special shop that players can use to buy special items with the currency earned (IP Tickets) from the dungeon. To access this store you need to talk to the NPC Talgath in the Fishing Hole.

    > Drops from Mobs & Bosses:

    * No drop = Only System Event World Drops.
    * Only 1 item can be obtained per group of rewards.
    * For Example, Inter Dungeon has 2 types of drops (1-2), as you progress across the stages, there will be more chances that you will get a drop from group 2 than from 1, the same applies to Superior.

    > EXP Rewards:

    4. GM Notes:

    > ED Resets:

    <Scroll of Challenge>

    * Can be obtained from Login & Playtime Events and System Event Quests (Basic Box) and IM.

    <Scroll of Elemental Properties>

    * Can be obtained from Login & Playtime Events, System Event Box and Item Mall.

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team
    Vengeance Never Ends.
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