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    [Guide] Ashkeena's Dungeon

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here is a guide that will help you know more about the: Ashkeena Dungeon.

    1. Introduction
    ㄴ Ashkeena's Goddess
    ㄴ Dungeon Information
    ㄴ How to Enter

    2. Difficulty Levels
    ㄴ 1st Stage vs 2nd Stage
    ㄴ Minor, Intermediate & Superior

    3. Main Drops & Items Information
    ㄴ Ashkeena Scrolls
    ㄴ Crimson Blood Stone
    ㄴ All Stat Scrolls
    ㄴ Slot Bags
    4. GM Notes
    ㄴ In case of Success/Failure
    ㄴ In case of Disconnection
    About Spirit Stones

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    1. Introduction:

    > Who is Ashkeena and what is this dungeon?

    Welcome to Ashkeena Dungeon, the second main dungeon in R.O.H.A.N., where a unique and vital mission awaits you. This extraordinary dungeon is under the careful supervision of 'Ashhart,'. Her primary objective is to pacify and restore peace to the troubled continent threatened by the volatile entity known as 'Ashkeena.'

    > Dungeon Information:

    ⚠️1 PARTY ONLY⚠️

    The primary feature of Ashkeena Dungeon is its exclusive party-only nature, limiting access to only the members of the party (up to 6 people) actively engaging in the dungeon. As a result, any players outside the party are prohibited from entering the dungeon while the party is in progress. This unique characteristic ensures a safe hunting environment for party members, shielding them from potential encounters with hostile characters such as assassins and murderers who are unable to intrude on their endeavors from outside.


    Upon entering the Ashkeena Dungeon, you will find yourself in a designated regroup area, and a prominent 8-hour time limit message will be displayed on your screen.

    > How to enter:

    1) Go to NPC Woman in the Fishing Hole and talk with her:

    <NPC Woman>

    -Ashkeena's Minor Dungeon, levels 31-90 (entrance allowed for 3 times per week)
    -Ashkeena's Intermediate Dungeon, levels 91-115(+49) (entrance allowed for 3 times per week)
    -Ashkeena's Superior Dungeon, transcendence level (entrance allowed for 3 times per week)

    2. You will be teleported to Ashkeena Dungeon Lobby, Ashhart will appear:

    3. As soon we you talk to Ashhart, you will find two stages in:

    2. Difficulty Levels:

    > 1st Stage vs 2nd Stage

    The difficulty of the summoned monsters varies based on the level you choose. Level 1 offers an easier experience, where the summoned monsters are relatively manageable and less challenging. On the other hand, Level 2 presents a harder setting, with the summoned monsters being more formidable and demanding of your skills and strategy.


    Ashkeena, engulfed in darkness, has succumbed to corruption:

    3. Drop & Items Information:

    > Ashkeena Scrolls

    You can obtain the following scrolls in Ashkeena's Dungeon from mobs (tradable):

    > Crimson Blood Stone:

    <Crimson Blood Stone>

    * Dropped by all monsters.
    * More information on using this item is at the end of this guide.

    > All Stat Scrolls:

    <New Year's Blessing Scroll (3H)>

    <Rohan Day Special Scroll>

    * Dropped by all monsters.

    > Slot Bags:

    <42 Slot Bag>

    * Only dropped by Ashkeena Boss.

    4. GM Notes:

    > Sucess or Failure


    Upon the culmination of 8 hours within the Ashkeena Dungeon, the dungeon will be deemed as cleared. Subsequently, you shall be granted a 1-minute window for cleanup purposes, during which your character will be seamlessly transported to the binding area


    In the event of dying during your journey, fear not, as revival is possible through the use of a resurrection scroll or a resurrection skill.

    However, should the entire party meet their end, rendering further progression impossible, a 30-second respawn time will be granted. Failure to revive any party members within this time limit will result in expulsion from the dungeon. Additionally, if there remains only one character within the dungeon due to actions such as leaving, ending the party, or returning to any town while initially entering as a party of 2 or more, the dungeon will be automatically canceled.

    > Disconnection

    Re-entry is possible by rejoining the existing party.

    1) Click on 'Instance Zone Status' located on the right side of the screen to check the current progress of the dungeon.
    2) Access 'Member Status' to inform the party leader of your intention to re-enter the dungeon either by whispering or adding them as a friend.
    3) The party leader, having been informed of your desire to rejoin, will extend an invitation to your character either from the ' Instance Zone Status' or 'Friend List'.
    4) Once the party is successfully formed, approach NPC Woman again and interact with her to re-enter the dungeon and continue your adventure.

    > Re-Entry

    * You can acquire an extra permit through our Item Mall.
    * You will be able to use this scroll for re-entering Ashkeena's Dungeon once you run out entries.

    > About Spirit Stones

    Some available Ashkeena Spirit Stones, (long-duration versions such as 7D-30D can be found on IM):
    We are working to implement the lower time durations in a future update.[/B]

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team
    Vengeance Never Ends

    ➡ Crimson Blood Stones: Click here

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