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    [Ambassador Guide] Access to Rahkon Dungeon Lv.5

    Greetings Rohanians

    ➡ First Step:
    Buy R3 portal stone in NPC Sundries Merchant(In every town), then use the Portal Stone.

    <Rahkon Dungeon Lv. 3 Portal Stone>

    ➡ Second Step:
    Follow the red line(See the image).

    ➡ Third Step:
    Accept and Complete the quest to NPC Muriel Posenti and you can now enter Rahkon Dungeon 5.

    Once the quest has been completed you will now be able to use the option to access Rahkon Dungeon Lv. 5 when speaking to the NPC Muriel Posenti.

    <Map of Rahkon Dungeon Lv. 5>

    Credits to our Ambassador

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.:Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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