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    [Guide] Gratt's Treasure Warehouse Dungeon

    Greetings Rohanians,

    Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse Dungeon

    Let’s explore Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse dungeon found in the collapsed Gratt’s Fortress. The fastest way to go is to use a Hazy Ravine Portal Stone.

    Entry to Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse
    To enter the Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse you will need to find NPC Mochi, you can enter through this NPC.

    <NPC Mochi>

    When entering the Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse you will find yourself in the central lobby, where you can accept various quests and purchase Excavation Permits.

    How to start
    You can purchase “Sealed Excavation Permit (8 hours) through the NPC Treasure for 50 million Crone. Excavation Permits are essential in order to explore and hunt in Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse.

    <Sealed Excavation Permit (8 Hours)>

    If you do not have an Excavation Permit
    You will not be able to attack Players and Monster. (Monsters will be able to attack you)

    -You can use the party matching system but each character in the party must have an Excavation Permit.
    -During Party characters that do not own an Excavation Permit in this dungeon will not be able to receive items or exp.

    Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse – Monster & Loot
    Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse is a high level hunting ground where you can get more experience and rare loot.

    <Reaper of Greed/ Golden Gatekeeper / Golden Predator>

    The monster’s level is between 123 and 130 and as you move further away from the center, more powerful monsters will appear.

    < Gratt’s Treasure Warehouse: Estimated level of monsters by location>

    While hunting on this dungeon you can get Onyx items.
    1. Broken Onyx Fragment

    2. Cracked Onyx Fragment

    3. Unknown Onyx fragment

    4. Enchant Onyx Fragment

    Each piece fragment has 5 categories (Helmet, Armor, Tasset, Boots and Gloves) and they are divided into 3 types (Strenght, Dexterity, and Intelligence).
    With 4 Fragments belonging to the same equipment piece and the same stat you can Attempt to craft a Onyx Fragment and a Cursed Onyx Fragment and with those two attempt to craft a Sealed Onyx Equipment.
    <Remember to use Preservation Items in order to minimize the chance of losing the materials or nullify the chance of the items being destroyed (Depends on the Preservation Item Used)>

    Darkness Onyx Set

    The Darkness Onyx Set is divided into 3 different Sets (Strength / Dexterity / Intelligence)

    <Darkness Onyx Equipment Set Bonuses>
    3 Pieces Set Bonus:
    All Defense +200, HP +1500

    5 Pieces Set Bonus:
    Strenght Set: +75 Agility All stats +25, HP +3500
    ]Dexterity Set: +75 Vitality All stats +25, HP +3500
    Intelligence Set: +75 Psyche All stats +25, HP +3500

    How to Craft Darkness Onyx Equipment

    The Darkness Onyx Equipment is crafted through the Forge System. You will have to obtain the necessary Fragments in order to craft the corresponding Darkness Onyx Piece. The items required to craft the set can be found while hunting in Gratt’s Warehouse.
    You will have to use a Master Armorsmith NPC in order to forge the items.

    Onyx materials can only be forged with items of the same piece and stat. Example (Armor (Int) + Armor (Str) will not work and similarly Boots (Str) + Armor (Str) will not work.

    Reinforcing Darkness Onyx Set
    The Darkness Onyx Set can be reinforced through NPC Tamir in the Fishing Hole however you will need Onyx. <Bear in mind that reinforcing through NPC Tamir can break your item if its +5 or higher upon failure if you do not use a Preservation Item with 100% Preservation Rate. For items lower than +5 it decreases instead of breaking>


    Onyx is a required material in order to reinforce Darkness Onyx Equipment.
    Onyx can be obtained through exchanging 50 “Onyx Fragments” that can also be obtained in Gratt’s Warehouse Dungeon.

    You can also obtain Onyx from disassembling Sealed Onyx Equipment in the Fishing Hole with the Extraction Pulverizer.

    If you use Onyx to upgrade the Darkness Onyx Equipment, the status obtained through the upgrading process will correspond to each part and the respective attribute of the Set/Piece of Equipment (STR/DEX/INT).
    (For the Darkness Onyx set reinforce will not increase the defense or hp value.)

    Example: Darkness Onyx Armor (Strength) +0 is +20 STR.
    If you successfully upgrade this item to +1 the item will provide 4 additional STR for a total of +24 STR

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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    [Ambassador Guide] How to create<Sealed Excavation Permit (1D)>

    Greetings Rohanians,

    Purchase x3 Sealed Excavation Permit (8 hours) through the NPC Treasure for 50 million Crone each.

    Now you can make it last longer by using the Item Recycle 2 in the Item Recycle Menu:
    Slot1<Sealed Excavation Permit (8 Hours)> + Slot2<Sealed Excavation Permit (8 Hours)> = Result <Sealed Excavation Permit (16 Hours)>

    You can make it last even longer by using the Item Recycle 2 in the Item Recycle Menu:
    Slot1<Sealed Excavation Permit (8 Hours)> + Slot2<Sealed Excavation Permit (16Hours)> = Result<Sealed Excavation Permit (1D)>

    Here is the information table:

    Credits to our Ambassador!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.:Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

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