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    December Calendar

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here we present the events for this month.

    Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us for more news!

    Here are the events for this month:


    Be the lucky one to choose 1 of the 3 golden chests with rewards

    • Choose 1 of the 15 golden chest placed on the map
    • Players will have to wait until GM does the countdown to start the rounds
    • There are 3 rounds per event and 1 winner per wound. Winners are determined by a randomizer

    • Winners
    o 3x 400% Growth Seal(2H)
    o 2x 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours


    Are you ready to flex your mental muscles with Quiz Quiz Questions?

    • The GM will ask questions about various topics and genres. There are 2 options to choose from per question.
    • You will have 5 seconds to choose the answer you think is right for the question.
    • If you choose the wrong answer or fail to choose a side after 5 seconds, you will be automatically ported out from the event area.
    • If you think the answer to the question is A, SIT next to Adolf. If you think the answer to the question is B, SIT next to Bruno.
    • Your chosen NPC will be your answer for the current question, with the round restarting every new question.
    • Make sure to stop, when the countdown ends!
    • If you choose correctly, you will pass the round and be able to continue answering questions. If not, well then; better luck next time!
    • Only one player can win this event.
    • Stay in front of the Goalie area until the question is asked and the timer is going.

    • Winners
    o 2x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
    o 2x 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours
    o 30 Million Crones
    • Participation Reward
    o 1x 200% Combination Scroll(Event)-2 Hours


    Clean the entire dungeon to help us eradicating all monsters

    • You have a maximum of 30 minutes to kill all the monsters inside the dungeon

    • Winners
    o 3x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
    o 5000 IP Tickets
    o 30 Million crones


    Get ready to defeat horrible creatures and survive for the Glory!

    • Venging is strictly not allowed in this event.
    • It is not allowed to fight or kill other players during the event.

    • Winner Party
    o 3x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
    o 5000 IP Ticket
    o 30 Million crones
    • Loser Parties
    o 1x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)


    You need to be as fast as you can!

    -The GM will provide scrambled letters of something Rohan related.
    -The first player to figure it out and whisper the correct word or name to GM, wins
    -Players will have a limited time to whisper the correct word.

    o 50 Million Crones
    o 5x Holy Teardrop
    o 5000 IP Ticket


    Prepare your fingers!

    -GM will provide a long sentence that may or not be related to R.O.H.A.N.
    -Players must whisper the GM
    -In order to win the player must provide the same sentence that was given.
    -Only the first Rohanian to provide the whole sentence correctly typed will win.
    -Players can win just once

    o 3x 200% Combination Scroll (Event) - 2 Hours
    o 15000 IP Ticket
    o 3x 400% Growth Seal(2h)
    o 8x Badge of Bravery

    R.o.h.a.n. Grand Prix

    Get ready for the race of your life!

    -Everyone mount up! Use your fastest mount!
    -No buffs, pets or skills! You must complete a full lap around the field.
    -No shortcutting, players must complete a full lap.
    -Once you finish the lap, trade immediatly to the GM.
    -The person who trades firsts, wins.

    o 3x 200% Combination Scroll (Event) - 2 Hours
    o 15000 IP Ticket
    o 3x Growth Seal 200% (3Hr)
    o 8x Badge of Bravery

    R.O.H.A.N. Express Delivery

    -NO PKing near GM's location ALLOWED!
    -The objective is to find the GM's and deliver the requested item to the GM, every round will be a different item.
    -Every item must be purchased today from every different NPC in the different towns.
    -If we found that the item hasn't been purchased today we will rule out that round and we will have a complimentary round.
    -The first to find us and trade the item will win the round!
    -We will have 3 rounds to find the GM around the R.O.H.A.N world and deliver the correct item!
    -Players can only win once.

    • Winners
    o 100 Million Crones
    o 3x 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours
    o 3x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
    o 10 000 IP Ticket
    o Armor Reinforcement Stone VI


    Be the first to find the GMs Kiosk!

    -GM will put his store in 3 places.
    -Players must find it and buy the item that the GM has for sale.

    oYou'll get the item for a special sale price.

    Adittionally all GM Events will provide additional rewards corresponding to the current system event.

    **** NOTE: GMs can change the rewards during the events ****

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.:Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

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    hey Gms ban these idiots posting spam garbage not related to the thread and remove them please. i dont want to see sex and people blowing up coke bottles with mentos on the forums #F.U.C.K. SPAMMERS

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    Thanks for your report, we have already banned those accounts.
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    much appreciated thank you

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