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    Exclamation Going to pull my hair out !!!!!!!

    I've had ENOUGH! i am a new player to this game, trying to game with my girlfriend yet it kicks me every 10-20 fkin minutes and im starting to get really ANGRY!

    I have read threads on google about simular issues and the players that have reported such things have been accused of hacking and it's disgusting!

    I AM NOT A HACKER! I do not know how to play the game let alone hack it!

    I have searched on google everywhere and there is not 1 error that fits with the error im getting.

    The closes i've come to finding the answer is my computer is lagging.

    I have a dam I7 QUAD Core with 12gb ram with nvidia gefore 460fx graphic card christ sake! My internet is fine, wth is going on your support is crap i've been waiting for over an hour and have sent an email to your staff... You have replied with a pointless waste of my time FAQ! I have been waiting 2 days to get a reply from the GameGuard people having sent them my error logs and the required files !

    Someone help me before i burst a vessel!


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    Turn off your anti-virus software and your firewalls. Sometimes they conflict with Rohan and cause disconnections or problems running the game.

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    OH NO!!! Hope you don't have to pull your hair out, agent11

    Here are possibilities: you have something else running, or your internet or computer or hardware may have problems. It's probably software, since gameguard has the error and is causing it to crash.

    Try deleting your gameguard folder and close all applications, including anti-virus and firewalls.

    (Information brought to you by the courtesy of Mr. Euthen)

    Hope this will help.

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    As Allera stated, there are some programs that cause conflicts with GameGuard which can trigger GameGuard to think you are running an exploit when you aren't.

    Try disabling some backgrounds programs one by one to see if this resolves your problem.

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    ive disabled avg, i've disabled windows firewall and completely opened my computer to actual hackers the lot.

    Yet i still get this error, this is a fresh install of windows 7 64bit home with a clean install of the game.

    A few minutes ago my game went black and i had to pull the dam plug...

    I have searched for gameguard windows 7 fixes yet it does not work...

    I cannot play this game at all, 15 minutes each time makes me crash and kicks me for that same damn error.

    Any Answer Out There! Any Direct Answer Please!

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    Search your computer for a program called Zonealarm. If you have it, delete it. I can't really give you a specific answer beyond that because I don't know of processes or programs that may be running in the background on your PC.

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    Thank you everyone for trying to help me, this is still unresolved!

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    Bump, i still have this problem... seems GameGuard don't give a toss about my problems

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    throw in a log of your running background programs when running the game.
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    I hope this helps because im absolutely stumped... let me note that when i installed this game whilst gameguard was installing AVG detected it as a trojan so i clicked ignore....

    WTH is with this game and forum... i try post a damn picture over and over i get

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

    ffs, i jsut wanna fix this and enjoy the game THATS IT, thanks to everyone here TRYING to help me but im becoming extremely restless and fustrated!

    I have also tried rappelz fix... no result.
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