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    Grabbit Bonus! 🔥


    This Grabbit update comes with a bonus surprise!

    For all of those who use +65 and +90 tokens on this update during the first week, will be able to obtain the following rewards:

    For those who use +100 Grabbit Tokens will participate on a raffle.

    What are the rewards?

    One of you will be able to get the Jackpot:
    All the Grabbit list items supplied once in the used account!🥳

    If your are not the winner, don't be sad, we have more rewards that luckily you can win:

    3 winners: 1 x XG Refinement Ticket
    2 winners: Vulcanus Special Toolbox

    This event is available from today, October 12th 21:00 PDT, until Monday 18th.
    Rewards will be supplied on Tuesday 19th.

    With Grabbit, you never lose!

    Love Seal!
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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    Mar 2017

    All the rewards were supplied yesterday.

    The raffle winners have been announced on our Instagram account: seal_online_official

    Go check the winners, and enjoy your rewards!

    Seal BOD Team

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