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    [Community Event] Shiltzian Charity day

    Greetings Shiltzians!

    Last September 05 was the International Day of Charity, and we do not want to miss the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of helping others through volunteer and philanthropic activities.

    To participate in this event, you just have to answer the following question:

    Tell us what is your way of giving back to society. How was the last time you helped someone or supported a cause in your community?

    Maybe you like cleaning the beaches, rescuing animals, or helping the less fortunate? Share your story with us!

    These are the rewards for our good citizens:
    • 2 x Rascal Rabbit Balloons
    • 1x Pet Appraiser's Mistake
    • 3x Rascal Rabbit's Attack Booster

    The event ends on September 14. The rewards will be sent to the winners the next day.

    Thank you very much for your support.
    Have fun!
    Love Seal
    Seal BOD Team ^^

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    Hi GameMaster,

    This is a true story in respect of the Day of Charity. This was not really a help to the community, but I feel what I consider to be the last time I meaningfully helped someone was when I had my first job about five years ago. I'm the oldest child, so it was expected of me to be the first one among my siblings to land a job. My siblings were both in universities—one of them aspired to be a film director and content creator. My father had pretty much retired so I was since that point the one who gets bread.

    I've been a Seal Online player for as long as I can remember, but I had never had a laptop or PC powerful enough for me to walk around Elim without experiencing a visual lag. So it was right after the second or third payday, I had mustered enough money to buy another laptop—an upgrade from the one I was using to play Seal Online—and intended to sell the older one. However, my little brother asked me if he can use the older laptop I was going to sell to edit videos and do college paperworks. I thought it was no use to hand the older laptop to him as he won't be able to use it to edit videos smoothly. So I gave a second thought about the whole thing. I ended up handing him the new laptop. I went back to use the older one. I just needed to avoid hanging around in Elim and that's okay!

    I'm glad he's doing well now and has made few decent videos. I'd like to think I had contributed in some way to his achievements, but don't mention it, bro.

    Thanks for reading!

    IGN: Dzarkov
    Server: Duran

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    I think it's important to help those who don't have a voice to speak up for themselves easily, especially animals. In the past I have frequently volunteered with animal shelters, fostered--and even rescued a few animals myself out of the streets. In the end, I brought back two of the animals I worked with in South Korea to the USA with me when I returned home. They still live with me and get spoiled all the time. Special needs or elderly animals make amazing companions and I urge anyone looking for a furry friend to adopt elderly or adult animals! They are so often overlooked but have so much love to give.

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    Hello my name is Adi, i want to share story about my experience charity.

    Last July, on the 23rd, Muslims celebrated Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha itself can be interpreted as a day where Muslims sacrifice a little of their wealth to be able to share with others by slaughtering sacrificial animals such as goats or cows. On Eid al-Adha this year I participated in the sacrificing goat and I felt very happy.

    The lesson that I can take regarding qurban activities or other charitable activities is that we don't have to think about what we will get later we just need to do it sincerely.


    IGN : Xinye
    Server : Duran

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    News em ở đồng tháp vừa nhắn tin cho bác đấy có gì mai g*i cho em nha số điện thoại em la 0945678939

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    IGN : Brofat
    Server : Duran

    My story starts from my adventure in Seal Online BOD. At that time I was walking around the city, enjoying the bustle of the merchants in the city of Elim. Suddenly there is a new player who is playing Seal Online for the first time. He was still confused, and needed direction. Since I wasn't doing anything, I took him around the city and hunting maps in Seal Online. He was very happy, and gained many new experiences. After finishing walking around, I gave him some cegel for the purpose of leveling up and hunting. After a few months had passed, he accidentally bumped into me again, and he was now a really great Berserker! He thanked me for helping him get to know Seal Online, now he is a reliable and strong player.

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    IGN : Javazero
    Server : Dutan

    when I was a kid, my family and I used to go fishing in a river not far from our house, we spent hours fishing and we really enjoyed the moment.
    One day we noticed that the number of fish we caught was decreasing day by day, we realized that the river was already polluted with garbage and plastic, so we all decided to plan to clean the river together.
    A few days later we prepared all the tools for cleaning and went to the river together. We got a lot of garbage and plastic on the riverbank, even my uncle had to go into some shallow parts of the river because there was some garbage stuck in the rocks at the bottom of the river. We planned to go fishing after that but as it was getting late we decided to go home. on the way we stopped at a restaurant to buy some grilled fish menu because we failed to fish earlier, then we enjoyed grilled fish together when we got home. It was a tiring day but at the same time fun for us, but at the end of the day, we really enjoyed being together at that time, I really miss days like that

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    Kindness matters
    The world we live in today has been through a lot of things from world wars to epidemics, but one thing which remained constant throughout was resilience and kindness. Moreover, it was the spirit to fight back and help out each other. Kindness must be an essential and universal quality to make the world a better place. Through an essay on kindness, we will go through it in detail.Kindness towards nature, animals and other people has the ability to transform the world and make it a beautiful place for living. But, it is also important to remember that kindness towards you is also essential for personal growth.Kindness is basically being polite, compassionate and thoughtful. Every religion and faith teaches its followers to be kind. Most importantly, kindness must not limit to humans but also to every living creature.Even nature has its own way of showing kindness. For instance, the trees grow fruits for us and provide us with shade. One must not see kindness as a core value but as a fundamental behavioural element. When you are kind to your loved ones, you create a stable base.As people are becoming more self-centred today, we must learn kindness. We must try to integrate it into ourselves. You might not know how a small act of kindness can bring about a change in someone’s life. So, be kind always.

    IGN : Thumbelina
    Server Arus

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    Ign : Rainmagie
    Server : Duran

    When I was 18, I worked in a copy center. A lot of school teachers left notes there, so their students had to copy them. We had a lot of work in school season, and machines tend to breakdown due to excessive use, therefore we often had to deal with broken machines and angry costumers, so our mood wasn't always the best. I remember a boy, he was about 12-13. Before leaving the store, he gave me a candy. I was truly surprised and moved. I tend to blush easily, so guess what? I blushed and said thank you. His gesture really helped me to feel better that day. Today I'm 29 and still remember this boy's act of kindness

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    IGN : Alfaninov
    Server : Arus

    was in Kuala Lumpur and had got lost walking around suburbia when a thunderstorm decided to hit. I took shelter in a taxi rank and thought I would give up on the walk. There was already a young man waiting at the taxi rank when I ran in.
    After 10 minutes of us waiting for a taxi he turned to me and asked me where I was going. I told him and he said me too, do you want to share?
    Another 10 minutes went by before a taxi pulled into the rank. He turned to me and said ok, and opened the door for me. We both got in the taxi, it was only a short ride. When we got to the end he paid. I offered him some money but he turned it down.

    We got out and went our own ways. If he hadn’t had shared his taxi with me I could have been in the rain for another 20 minutes waiting for another taxi to come along.

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