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    IGN: Kingvenna
    Server: Duran

    I want to share my experience about the kindness of people in the world of Shiltz. This experience probably happened around 2017.
    One day, I was on a quest to get the signatures of 4 heroes to increase reputation of my character. After finishing getting the signatures from Arus and Claire, then I walked to the Dungeon of Crude to find baldea to get her signature. I don't really know the route to go to Baldea's place, then I met this girl who was in the Dungeon of Crude and I asked her about the direction to Baldea's place. Without thinking she said that she would take me to baldea's place, then we walked together towards baldea's place.
    I was very impressed with her kindness. After arriving at Baldea's place I offered to give her some gems as a thank you but she refused. I didn't expect to meet someone as good as her, then I just wish her the best and hope to meet her again one day.
    It's great to meet good people in the world of Shiltz. I hope this story can inspire us all to always do good wherever we are.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and have a nice day

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    IGN : Teloungu
    Server Arus

    ~Cafe Vibes~
    My friend and I were meeting for a coffee in a large café in the city. It was crazy busy but we managed to find somewhere to sit to begin our catch up. The café got busier and busier. The staff were stuck at the till trying to process the orders. A long queue formed out of the door. The poor staff couldn't leave the till to clear up but were running out of cups. The new girl looked terrified and on the brink of tears trying to cope, clearing the tables and washing up by herself. Whilst a couple of tables were unoccupied, they were full of used cups, leftover food, and napkins. A single mother of two approached, with her two youngsters in a double pram. She was trying to balance her drinks and their lunches but couldn't find space on the overloaded "dirty" table. I looked at the mother and then at my friend who was also wearing a pained expression. She asked, "Shall we?" Having spent many years waitressing, we quickly found where the trays were stored, cleared and cleaned the table for the mother, and returned the full trays to the kitchen. But we just couldn't stop there. As two elderly ladies came in, we identified an unoccupied table for them by the window and cleared that too. Before long we had cleared all of the unoccupied tables and the queue started to die down. Any customers who were leaving started to offer their tables and tidy some of their mess too. It just goes to show, the smallest ripples can begin to make some waves. Never underestimate the difference a small gesture can make.

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    IGN : Jonoleak
    Server : Duran

    In Indonesia, we always fast for 1 month in 1 year. In that month, there are many people who do many good deeds such as sharing food for those in need, sharing some money to beggars, and others. That month I also did charity work in the form of sharing food and basic necessities for orphanages. I participate in activities with school friends, gather with orphanage children and eat together after the fasting time is over. We also gave gifts to each of the orphanage children such as books, clothes, stationery, and bags. They were very happy and thanked us. I hope next year we can do that activity again with the orphanage children in other places.

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    Ign : Drunksemar
    Server uran

    One day, my dad and I were hanging out and talking about my day. As we were talking, we saw a little girl crying with her bike. We see her fairly often, as she likes to ride her bike around the block. So, we walked up to her and asked what happened. She said that she had crashed. She had fallen off of her bike and scratched up her knee. We helped her into my dad's truck and drove her over to her house. When we arrived, we went up to her door and told her older sister what happened. It made us feel really good to be able to help her.

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    I was on my way to work at the time. The days seemed normal in the morning. Suddenly, an accident happened before my eyes, a motorcyclist was hit by another motorcyclist. It happened so fast and those who had the accident groaned in pain. Seeing this condition, I immediately helped the victims who had an accident, tried to lift the victim and move him on the side of the road, while many other people helped and moved the motorbike so as not to disturb other motorists. Luckily, immediately after the incident, I immediately called an ambulance, and the victims were saved. I'm very grateful to be able to help others even though I can't help much.

    IGN : Beggarmen
    Server : Duran

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    IGN: Zelhes
    Server: Duran

    I work as a volunteer teacher. for the past 15 years I don't make much money, but I teach out from heart. Almost all of my students are underprivileged and informal seetlers. During my time as a teacher, I made numerous sacrifices. I completed my studies as a full scholar in the mornings, I am a teacher, and in the evenings, I am a student. For me, it's a great payoff to teach these children with love. Educating children for a better future.

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    IGN : Simanyun
    Server : Duran
    Fighting is a word that almost never crosses my head.
    Because that's our daily life. not a day without fighting
    like all of you.
    We move and continue, whatever the risk, in caring for and protecting the animals in the shelter.
    You may be reluctant to hear, but it's a fact, that this struggle is not as sweet as the dramas that salespeople offer.
    We will fight to the last drop of blood so that the lives of the animals in the shelter can be good, comfortable and safe. They can get out of our place by being adopted or fosterhome. not in any other way.
    In the struggle, it is natural that there will be sweat and wounds. even if necessary, spilled blood and pus is okay. Let us be weary and tired, let us be sad and sore, but let them not, our animals, bear the burden.
    The universe must be with us all in the struggle in our respective channels. don't betray promises and commitments, because humans scratch their report cards by what they do, not by how many dramas they have successfully staged.

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    Red face

    IGN : Retha
    Server : Duran

    I have a friend who just moved to my town. She trying so hard to geting a job. But unlucky she didnt had one.
    I working in the restaurant, and everynight after work. I will took some food for her. I wish a small help from me can help her to survive.

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    Aug 2020
    Greetings Shiltzians!

    Congratulations to our winners ❤ you have wonderful experiences.
    We are glad to read about some wonderful experiences, some decide to lend help, others received it in a very sweet way.
    We are so happy to know how important is to our community this feeling of solidarity when it comes to charity. ❤ You are great ❤
    Please be informed that the rewards had been already sent!


    Stay safe and have a great day!
    Seal BOD

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