Greetings Rohanians!

Here we present the events for this month.

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Here are the events for this month:


Be the lucky one to choose 1 of the 3 golden chests with rewards

• Choose 1 of the 15 golden chest placed on the map
• Players will have to wait until GM does the countdown to start the rounds
• There are 3 rounds per event and 1 winner per wound. Winners are determined by a randomizer

o 3x 400% Growth Seal(2H)
o 2x 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours


Are you ready to flex your mental muscles with Quiz Quiz Questions?

• The GM will ask questions about various topics and genres. There are 2 options to choose from per question.
• You will have 5 seconds to choose the answer you think is right for the question.
• If you choose the wrong answer or fail to choose a side after 5 seconds, you will be automatically ported out from the event area.
• If you think the answer to the question is A, SIT next to Adolf. If you think the answer to the question is B, SIT next to Bruno.
• Your chosen NPC will be your answer for the current question, with the round restarting every new question.
• Make sure to stop, when the countdown ends!
• If you choose correctly, you will pass the round and be able to continue answering questions. If not, well then; better luck next time!
• Only one player can win this event.
• Stay in front of the Goalie area until the question is asked and the timer is going.

o 2x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
o 2x 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours
o 30 Million Crones
Participation Reward
o 1x 200% Combination Scroll(Event)-2 Hours


Clean the entire dungeon to help us eradicating all monsters

• You have a maximum of 30 minutes to kill all the monsters inside the dungeon

o 3x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
o 5000 IP Tickets
o 30 Million crones


Get ready to defeat horrible creatures and survive for the Glory!

• Venging is strictly not allowed in this event.
• It is not allowed to fight or kill other players during the event.

Winner Party
o 3x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
o 5000 IP Ticket
o 30 Million crones
Loser Parties
o 1x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)


You need to be as fast as you can!

-The GM will provide scrambled letters of something Rohan related.
-The first player to figure it out and whisper the correct word or name to GM, wins
-Players will have a limited time to whisper the correct word.

o 50 Million Crones
o 5x Holy Teardrop
o 5000 IP Ticket


Are you up for the challenge?

Rules and mechanics

-GM will ask for registration 5 minutes before the event starts
-The first 30 players to register will be able to enter the Labyrinth.
-Players teleported inside the event area will be the only ones that can participate.
-AFK players will be expelled from the event
-Once inside, players are not allowed to switch ith other players.
-No PK is allowed
-The event consists of carrying out 3 tasks
- In the first challenge players have to work as a team, the second challenge will only be 10 winners, and the last challenge is PVP, only one player will win the best prize.


Crones in each stage:

1st stage: 50 million crones
2nd stage: 100 million crones
3rd stage: 150 million crones


Prepare your fingers!

-GM will provide a long sentence that may or not be related to R.O.H.A.N.
-Players must whisper the GM
-In order to win the player must provide the same sentence that was given.
-Only the first Rohanian to provide the whole sentence correctly typed will win.
-Players can win just once

o 3x 200% Combination Scroll (Event) - 2 Hours
o 15000 IP Ticket
o 3x 400% Growth Seal(2h)
o 8x Badge of Bravery

R.o.h.a.n. Grand Prix

Get ready for the race of your life!

-Everyone mount up! Use your fastest mount!
-No buffs, pets or skills! You must complete a full lap around the field.
-No shortcutting, players must complete a full lap.
-Once you finish the lap, trade immediatly to the GM.
-The person who trades firsts, wins.

o 3x 200% Combination Scroll (Event) - 2 Hours
o 15000 IP Ticket
o 3x Growth Seal 200% (3Hr)
o 8x Badge of Bravery

No Limits Joke

Get ready to laugh!

-All player will have only 3 minutes to think about their joke in English.
-Sensitive players be warned as the jokes may contain dark humor, do not take it to heart we are only going to be telling jokes.
-The GM will choose every turn and everyone must respect their turn.
-The players chosen by the GM need to be in the front as they are going to face each other in a comedy battle.
-Once in front of the GM, every player will have only 30 seconds to tell their joke.
-We will have 1 winner per round so pull your best jokes!

o 70 Million Crones
o x3 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours
o x3 Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
o 7000 IP Ticket
Participation Reward
o 20 Million Crones
o 1x 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours
o 1x Growth Seal 400% (3Hr)
o 3000 IP Ticket

Heroes Downfall

Save the hero, save the world!

-Participants should protect the chosen Heroes from a Rampaging fallen god to win the event within 20 minutes.
-The fallen god will only attack the Heroes.
-Participants and Heroes can kill the fallen god.
-If the fallen god died, the participants win.
-If the event ends and both fallen god/Heroes are still alive, the participants win.
-If the event ends and there still a surviving hero, the participants win.

o 50 Million crones
o 3x Growth Seal 400% (2Hr)
o 5000 IP Tickets
Participation Reward
o 1x Growth Seal 400% (2Hr)
o 1000 IP Tickets
o 10 Million crones


Be the first to find the GMs Kiosk!

-GM will put his store in 3 places.
-Players must find it and buy the item that the GM has for sale.

o You'll get the item for a special sale price.

Adittionally all rewards will provide event items corresponding to the current system event.

**** NOTE: GMs can change the rewards during the events ****