As some of you have been requesting, we asked Albereo and Vulcanus to bring the refining toolbox items one more time for sale, and they were feeling very kind!

During this weekend, you will be able to find the following items at discount:

🔨Albereo's Special Toolbox 2
🔨Albereo's Special Toolbox
🔨Albereo's Jewelry Box
🔨Albereo's Tool Box 2
🔨Albereo's Refining Potion
🔨Albereo's Toolbox
🌟Vulcanus Special Toolbox

Also, the following items will be available:
💥Vulcanus' Spring
💥Master's Spring

This sale will be available on the Web Mall only from today, Friday 13th to Monday 16th.

Have a great weekend!

Love Seal! 💖
Seal B.O.D. Team