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We have seen some of you wondering, which items can be sealed with the Talsman Seal Scroll? In order to answer this we have prepared a Guide in order to provide all the details regarding this item.

➡ Talisman Seal Scroll:
For starters we will acquire an Talisman Seal Scroll. (It can be obtained from the Item Mall.)
*This item is very rare so it can be quite expensive.

<Talisman Seal Scroll>

Once we acquire the item let's proceed to open the recycle system menu and put our Talisman Seal Scroll in any of the first 2 slots then put the talisman that you wish to seal according to the information table. (This recipe does not use the third slot)

Then to finish we will click Recycle in order to seal the talisman.

➡ Talisman Seal Scroll information table:

➡ Additional Information:

*Sealed Stat/Magical Stat Talisman +6/+7 can be traded.
*Sealed Universal Talisman can be traded however there is currently no way to seal it.
*Stat/Magical Stat Talisman +7 can be used to attempt to make Universal Talisman with NPC Marche, if it fails you will only lose the Shiny Transcendence Stone.

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