You will be able to find Albereo's refining items with 15% off at the Item Mall for this weekend.

⚡Albereo's Special Toolbox 2
⚡Albereo's Special Toolbox
⚡Albereo's Jewelry Box
⚡Albereo's Tool Box 2
⚡Albereo's Refining Potion
⚡Albereo's Toolbox

And that is not all, you will be able to acquire ⭐Vulcanus Special Toolbox⭐ at the Item Mall for a limited time with a special price.

Don't miss out this opportunity and get them now!

Available from today, Thrusday 15th to Monday 19th 16:00 PDT.

Have a great weekend!

Love Seal ^^
Seal B.O.D. Team