As you already may noticed, we have started strict measures against those who are using 3rd party programs.
In the last weeks, we managed several GameGuard updates in order to prevent and detect hacking tools users and take actions against those.

After many improvements, our system and GameGuard is able to detect suspicious and malicious activity. Take into account that macro users are not considered as part of it. Unless they fall into the category of autothunt/afk training.
Remember that while playing Seal Online, you must be at your computer when your character is performing any type of actions, and may not use a program, auto-clicker, or additional software to gain an unfair advantage to train or gather items. This is to prevent players from AFK training, or training their accounts while they're asleep/busy. Any accounts that are found to be botting will be suspended.

We understand that, during this process, some fair players have been harmed too and we deeply apologize about that, we will be checking those cases in order to give a fair solution. Our team will keep working on the improvement of detecting and blocking tools.
We all want Seal Online B.O.D. to be a fair game and look forward to watching over the fun, companionship, friendship amongst all our valued players.
Today we publicly announce that we will keep fighting the cheaters to keep a fair environment and offer a nice and enjoyable experience.

Please consider the following points:

1. Those accounts that are being created to exploit the Anniversary event, will be blocked permanently, appeals won't be admitted.

2. For those users who were blocked and has been proved after the investigations that are not involved in this kind of activity, will be released as soon as possible and compensated. We ask for some patience as we have a long queue on tickets.

3. Even when we mention that the security patch does not detect the macro bots, it doesn’t mean that actions will not be taken against them.

4. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding, as we want to eradicate the cheaters as much as you do. We will keep working on improving our security measures.

We remind you that the illegal use of hacking tools also leads to have your account compromised or theft by others and GMs cannot help you in these cases.

Think twice before using hack tools on Seal Online, even though you may feel you have advantages at the beginning, we guarantee that you will only be harmed at the end.

Also, we truly appreciate those who are always reporting and checking the cheaters status through our different channels, we are also thinking on improving the report methods to be more efficient and faster.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards,
Seal B.O.D. Team