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    Froianne Set and Pluion Set, things i can not understand.

    Hi, i am totally new here.
    I am Human Defender, wearing a Froianne Set which i got from Quest.
    Their option in each part is the same: 25 Health recovery, PDefend +30, MDefend +30.
    I tried and make a Pluion set for level 62, but thing was weird because this one is weaker than the Froianne. I still don't understand after doing math for Pdefend and Mdefend, press C for checking.

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    My old set has total P Defense: 292, M Defense: 232. My level 62 set has: P defense: 351, M Defense: 228. But when i wear the level 62, i press C to check, the information about my state still lower than the old set. I don't get it.

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