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Thread: Time Jewel Box

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    Time Jewel Box

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Let us all visit Orlin! A Jewel Collector and treasure box maker, with her help you will be able to exchange Time Jewels for Time Jewel Boxes which come in different sizes and with different rewards!

    1. Introduction:
    ㄴ Summary Explanation
    ㄴ Hunting Bonus System
    ㄴ NPC Orlin

    2. Time Jewel Boxes:
    ㄴ Time Jewel Normal Box
    ㄴ Blessed Time Jewel Box

    3. GM Notes:
    Video Tutorial
    How Hunting Bonus Works
    ㄴ Caution
    ㄴ Additional Inquiries

    Use [CTRL + F] to quickly find your preferred content!

    1. Introduction:

    > Summary:

    > Hunting Bonus System:

    ➡Hunting Bar and Hunting Bonus Box

    From here and onwards when you log in to play you will notice that there is now a bar called Hunting Bonus and it will be empty (0.000%) .
    This bar will slowly fill while you fight and kill enemies however it will start to decrease when you stop fighting at fixed intervals.
    The goal is to reach 100% in order to claim the Hunting Bonus Box.

    Once we reach 100% we can claim our Hunting Bonus Box just by clicking the icon!

    Then we can claim our box!

    When you open this box you will obtain:

    3x or 4x Time Jewels.

    * Receiving hits just to stay in combat will not fill the hunting bonus bar.

    > NPC Orlin:

    NPC: Orlin <Jewel Collector>
    This NPC can be found in the Fishing Hole

    You will be able to take 3 quests from this NPC!
    Below you will find information regarding her quests and the rewards.

    2. Time Jewel Boxes:

    ➡ Quest 1: Crafting The Time Jewel Box

    This quest requires you to get Time-Jewel x 10 and Proof of Darkness, Evil, Madness, Exodus x1 and bring them to Orlin.

    "Time Jewel" can be obtained through the Hunting Bonus Box

    <Time Jewel>

    <Proof of Darkness, Evil, Madness, Exodus>

    "Proofs" can be obtained in Elemental Dungeon as a drop form the monsters.
    * Can be also obtained in the quests of the 4 dungeons:

    As a reward for helping Orlin she will provide you with a Time-Jewel Box x 1 and a Badge of Bravery

    <Time-Jewel Box>

    <Badge of Bravery>

    Here are the details of what you can get from the time jewel box:

    ➡ Quest 2: Make Blessed Time Jewel Box

    For this quest you will need to obtain not only Time Jewel x 10 but also Blessing Stone (Can be obtained in the Item Mall) and from Abyss/Celestial Bosses and hand them over to Orlin.

    In exchange for your efforts you will be rewarded with Blessed Time-Jewel Box x 1 and Badge of Victory x1

    <Blessed Time-Jewel Box>

    <Blessing Stone (IM)>

    <Badge of Victory>

    Here are the details of what you can get from Blessed Time-Jewel Box:

    3. GM Notes:

    > Video Tutorial:

    > How Hunting Bonus Works:

    When you're hunting (fighting monsters), the gauge will begin to fill the bar. However, if you stop fighting, it will decrease.
    The gauge increases by 0.140% every 8-10 seconds while you're in Battle Mode and actively engaging monsters.
    If you're out of Battle Mode for 8 seconds, the gauge will decrease, dropping by 0.140% every 5 seconds if you don't engage another monster.

    Note: Fighting means you are in battle mode, engaging monsters. So if you kill the monster to fast and resulting no target being found(for example you are using HK and your HK cannot find monster), thus you will out from battle mode, your Hunting Bar might drop. More info: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz8Z7JGiBxc

    > Caution:

    - If you do not have enough space in your inventory, you cannot receive the [Hunting Bonus Box].
    - When you take the Time Jewel Box Quests, if you take more than one quest at a time, the unwanted quest may be completed, so please take the quest 1 by 1.

    > How can i get Lucky Preservations Stones?:

    - In the past, players could obtain lucky preservation stones from Normal & Blessed Time Jewel Boxes. However, now is obtainable through kiosks from players.


    We sincerely hope you can enjoy the updated rewards from the boxes, with that said, Happy Hunting Rohanians!

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

    (Latest Update: September 2023)
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