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    Question Hello GM this is a banned #363046

    I have banned that at solar at the Downstream of Glasis River.
    And I saw the banned reason that once more and was found your ID botting for more than 6hrs. I checked the botting today.

    -Botting: Any accounts that are found to be botting with the assistance of a 3rd party program will be permanently suspended.

    If someone is hunting with cheaters on there, will it get botting? I think I need a confirmation of that.
    I picked up on there. And I saw the GM and sent me that is my first time. When I understand then reply "haha" to you, you disappeared. If I did it faster, I didn't got permanently banned.

    But I saw the cheater talking and party.

    I can prove that I am a normal player with a witness, and you can check my computer and everything you want if you do an investigation.

    P.S. In the happen, pick up for rice dough at the event Weekend boost.
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